10 reasons why we all need feminism 3/22/15

  1. It’s acceptable for women to get raped as they were ‘asking for it’ by deciding to wear what they wanted to wear when the incident happened. Women are scrutinised and judged on appearance, if too much flesh is showing then rape is automatically justified? This is why we need feminism. There is a powerful video called ‘I Deserve To Get Raped’ on youtube made by a girl called Aly Bongo.

2. Feminism makes this idiotic suggestion that women are actually humans?! Yes we may have annual days that celebrate women hood like Mothering Sunday and International Women’s Day but women are still viewed as less than men. Women in job interviews are often asked about their desire for a family and this can ultimately affect the probability of them securing a job.

3. Women are stereotyped if they are not the type to settle down and to commit to one relationship whilst guys are congratulated and persuaded to carry on with that life style as it’s acceptable for a guy to do that but it’s most definitely not acceptable for a girl. Girls are being ‘slut shamed’ to the point of death. Fifteen year old Felicia Garcia committed suicide by jumping in front of a subway train after being catcalled, labelled and sexually discriminated against. This is not ok. Women are humans too and feminism promotes this radical idea.

4. It’s ok to use a woman’s body to sell absolutely anything from food, holidays, perfume, insurance, meal advice and so on. Yet it is morally unacceptable for women to breastfeed in public but women’s bodies can be used to sell the latest burger deal or to sexualise the importance of the latest perfume which seems somewhat warped to me. A women is judged by her body type, fat in society equals lazy whilst thin equals success. This world is so warped by societies perceptions on absolutely everything.

5. We need feminism because girls are made to feel inadequate if their body doesn’t resemble the photoshopped images of women in the glossy magazines. These images only make us long to have arms like Michelle Obama, the mindset of Kate Moss ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ and we wonder why there is increases of eating disorders in adolescent girls. Women shouldn’t feel the need to cover their face in makeup every time they leave the house. Women shouldn’t need to consider plastic surgery because one breast is bigger than the other, it’s natural. Women are expected to be shaved, it’s compulsory yet men have the choice whether they want to or not.

6. We need feminism because in some countries women are being killed for being just that… women. For example female infanticide in China and sexual exploitation world wide. Women and girls make up 98% of victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation. Women do have rights and sex trafficking is a human rights violation. This just reiterates the inequality between both sexes.

7. Β Sixty Million girl worldwide do not have access to education. This occurs most frequently in the Middle East and Asia. Sons are viewed and treated with the up most respect and girls are expected to work in the family home whilst the sons receive good education. Everyone has the right to an education. This is why we all need feminism.

8. Feminism is needed because 1 in 4 women are sexually assaulted. A women risks her life every time she walks somewhere unaccompanied. A women risks her life as soon as she drinks alcohol as there is no sympathy as she was unable to protect herself due to being intoxicated. Women are subject to sexual advances and catcalling at least once a week and this is just not acceptable.

9. Β In domestic abuse cases the women are often asked ‘well why did you stay with him if that’s what he did to you, you only have yourself to blame’. No woman should be subject to violence, no woman should have to die at the hands of someone who is supposed to love and respect you. Women need a voice and need to be heard. Instead of asking ‘why did you stay’ people should be asking ‘why did you abuse her’.

10. Β We need feminism because women and men are equal, we have the same rights, we are not worth any less than a man just because we a different. Women deserve to be treated and respected just like males. Women are not the inferior sex in society, it is 2015 and sexism still exists. Higher paid jobs are still given to males even if the woman is better educated and more suited for the role. Feminism needs to exist so people like me and you can strive for equality and hopefully make a difference for future generations to come.


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