A letter to my 14 year old self

Wise words coming from a twenty year old… to fourteen year old me!

Life is going to be hard, you are not going to want to get out of bed some mornings, life is going to be messy and you are going to feel like giving up. You will battle with the mirror, and pray that the ‘puppy’ fat will disappear over night. You will be at war with yourself on a day to day basis. High School will be the most challenging years of your life, you will be targeted and you will want not want to go into school. I know you feel alone, and that life is just some crazy ride you want to get off but hold on. You will spend ridiculous amounts of time in your room locked away trying to escape reality, you will have to come up with excuses as to why you are hiding away from the world and you will become all too familiar with counting calories. It’s ok to ask for help and to admit you feel defeated, hold on little soldier! Keep dreaming of the future and the prospect of university (because you will get there, maybe a year late but you’ll get there and have an incredible time) If you just want out of that school just focus on academics, prove all your doubters wrong! Muddle through the hellish years of high school and the dreaded GCSES and then it’s on to Sixth Form.

Sixth form will be a whirl wind of emotions, you’ll meet some girls that will change your life for the better you’ll later adopt ‘Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging’ Ace gang reference to your little group! Life won’t get any easier, people will die along the way so treasure your moments with those you love! Life’s too short to worry about the way you look, you are enough and you are worthy! A Levels are hard work but you will be in a supportive environment surrounded by those who care! You’ll have a blast at lunch times as Em tried to fit in her school bag and as you play hide and seek in the corridors and be rebellious as you hog the heat by sitting in the corridors (where you aren’t meant to be sitting) You’ll start learning to drive only to give up…. don’t feel pressurised you have plenty of time! Turning 18 isn’t a huge thing as everyone makes out… and besides you’ll have to wait months before you can go into town with your girls! You will throw a massive party and invite 100+ and everybody will turn up and have an incredible time… you’ll drink too much and look questionable in photos towards the end of the night! You’ll be given a ridonculous amount of money and presents and need to write many a thank you cards! You’ll go on your first night out to town and feel inadequate because of the way you look and you’ll feel anxious about going out but believe me it get’s better and soon nights in Fusion and Barbs are great fun! You’ll reach the end of sixth form and be faced with difficult exams and you’ll think you failed and believe life is over BUT it’s not! You’ll get there and you’ll do well and get enough ucas points for university! You’ll finally settle on studying Law after changing your mind about Psychology and Nursing *you were never the nursing type*

Then comes the gap yah! You’ll work as an intern and you’ll have to do all sorts of things! It will be challenging but you’ll get there… oh and stick around because you’ll end up going on an incredible holiday to NYC, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands… definitely worth sticking around for! Oh you’ll get hooked with cruising and want to go on more! That marks your 19th Birthday *you’ll get drunk at an 18th Birthday and have to be walked down the hill and then your friend will have to thank people for coming whilst people make you drink copious amounts of water to sober you up! *It’s ok it’s a right of passage!* You’ll carry on with the gap year and in September you’ll get four unconditional offers in 48 hours to study Law! You’ll visit them and opt for Sheffield *the best decision you will ever make may I add* and then you’ll move to Sheffield, turn 20, learn the art of drinking games and get a proper serious hangover meaning you sleep solidly for 13 hours and awake to messages asking if you are alive… You’ll have a blast, life’s worth living for little one!

So kid, don’t give up, it’s going to be tough, you are going to get knocked down time and time again. The one piece of advice I can give you is…

‘Don’t stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top, let the world see what you have got and bring it all back to you”

Being twenty is a fabulous age keep going cutie pie!


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