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Back in the North! 4/30/15

It’s been a little while since I last posted! Exam season is here, meaning I’ve been trying my hardest to prepare for my upcoming exams and finishing off assignments… fun fun fun! Anyway I’m back in the North! It’s currently freezing, grey and overcast and it could snow!?!? yes you heard me correctly! Anyway I shall leave you all with some snaps of life up North and I know that is may be hard to believe that once upon a time it was that sunny and warm in Northern England ha ha!

Everyone out in force enjoying the weather in the Peace Garden
Beautiful day in Sheffield Botanical Gardens
Avocado and green bean salad with halloumi at Nando’s with the girls!
Sheffield Botanical Gardens
Sheffield City centre
Pitchers in the beer garden at spoons!
Botanical gardens!
More of Sheffield’s botanical gardens
More cocktails in the sun at spoons…
Going to watch Varsity because we are supportive friends…
Sheffield town hall in the sun!
Beautiful gardens
More beautiful scenery quite literally on our door step!
Nights out with new and old friends
I took too many photos of the botanical gardens..
Self explanatory…
Eating lunch in the peace gardens!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, I’m mourning the loss of the sun and my freedom! My first exam is in Four days… First year has completely flown by! I can’t see where the time’s gone! Anyway back to contract law! I hope you enjoyed taking a sneaky peek at Sheffield in glorious weather!


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