Celebrating Rushna’s 20th Birthday

My dear friend Rushna who is in my seminar group turned twenty on Monday! On the weekend we celebrated her birth by taking a trip to Valley Entertainment in Sheffield *via the tram* The original plan was to go bowling but it was a Saturday and after a slight mix up all of the lanes were fully booked so we ended up playing an 18 hole game of golf that turned out to be a lot of fun! I secretly love crazy golf so I was surprisingly happy when she suggested that instead of bowling. I didn’t win as Emily clearly is a professional ‘crazy’ golfer in the making! After our game of crazy golf we headed over to Chiquitos which is an amazing mexican restaurant that I would highly recommend. It’s slightly more expensive but the quality of the food means that it’s worth while. I happened to spy the cocktail menu and couldn’t resist a cheeky daiquiri of some sort and I opted for my all time favourite cocktail! That is of course a classic Strawberry Daiquiri, they even sugar coated the glass reminding me of beautiful holidays in the sun! We ordered a portion of nachos to start between all of us and then I went for a halloumi burger which was scrummy and I wish I could whip that bad boy up in my university kitchen… oh a girl can dream! It was a really lovely time with friends and of course having amazing food always helps! If you ever get the chance to try some of their mexican dishes make sure you do! It’s an explosion of yumminess in your mouth every time!


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