Champers and ladies who lunch!

On Sunday the girls in our family went out for champagne and afternoon tea and we had an absolutely lovely time! Upon arrival we were each given a glass of champagne before being asked what tea we would like to accompany our scones, sandwiches and huge variety of cakes and pastries! They had a huge selection of tea from the ordinary English Breakfast to peppermint (my absolute favourite) and vanilla and chamomile! Our tea was served then along came these two huge stands filled to the brim with delightful sandwiches and miniature cakes of all kinds! The sandwiches consisted of cucumber with mint yogurt spread, pate with homemade chutney, goats cheese and sweet pepper and smoked salmon with cream cheese! They were absolutely scrummy (the veggie/pescetarian) ones that I tasted! Then we had a beautiful freshly made scone served with oodles of jam and cream and Guernsey butter!! This is definitely not suitable for someone on a diet!! The scones were so fresh and crumbly and just went down a treat! It’s hard to believe that after all that we could still find room to sample the other delights on the stand but we definitely did! There were small pots of creme brulee, mini macaroons in chocolate, coffee, pistachio and lemon flavour, custard filled profiter rolls topped with crushed pistachio nut, teeny tiny citrus and mango tarts, homemade carrot cake and a mini strawberry cheesecake bite! The whole experience was so enjoyable and the food could not be faulted! We all left feeling rather sluggish and full and carefree due to the cheeky glass of champers! If you are ever stuck for a birthday gift definitely buy a female family member or friend a voucher for an afternoon tea because you will have a splendid time!


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