Change 6/3/15

You are all probably bored of hearing this… BUT a lot has changed in the last year and I felt it was about time I reflected on what a difference a dayΒ year makes! I can officially say I have passed my first year of law school with a 2:1, I’ve made some amazing friends in England, we’ve smiles and laughed lots and I found a guy who I just click with! Life is good right now! On the other hand this year has been tough and has tried us as a family as my Auntie lost her battle to motor neurone disease and my other auntie lost her battle to cancer. Today in actual fact would be my dear Auntie’s 65th Birthday! I hope you are celebrating with your hubby and having several glasses of bubbly! It’s been a bitter-sweet year. In some ways 2014/2015 has been the making of me, I’ve come out of my shell and in actual fact my friends from home said I’m the one thats seemed to have changed the most!

I’m now the girl who isn’t afraid of showing flesh and having a good time… life’s too short not to have a party! There’s been so many lovely occasions that have happened such as crazy golfing with the law girls, house parties, pre drinks, flat trashing, ring of fires, spontaneous road trips and halloween face painting being just a few! When I first made the move I was hesitant and nervous, it was a massive change to my old life, island life is like a bubble and it’s fair to say my bubble popped when I moved to Sheffield! I’ve met a lot of people over the last year, males and females alike! If I was asked would I change anything that happened during the year I would probably say yes a few things, I’m only human and I make mistakes *shock horror!* BUT overall it’s been a good’n! I can safely say I am enjoying my twenties! I must say so far my 20th year of life has been incredible! So what does the future hold? it holds many more special moments with friends, family and Will! My twenty first birthday is fast approaching and you know what? I cannot wait! I am excited about my twenties! I’m spending July in the UK moving into my new house and seeing the girls along with seeing Will and going for yummy meals with my parents! I’m excited about the change of colour scheme in my uni room and I’m super excited to make it all cute and homely! July also marks my mums big 50th Birthday which will be special because she’s such a wonderful lady! In August I’ve secured some work for a couple of weeks and Will’s coming over which means time spent with him and my family! Then before I know it.. it’s back to Sheffield to start my second year of law school! I’m excited, I made the decision to drop from LLB Law with Criminology to just straight LLB Law.. I made the right decision I’m pleased to say! We are also planning our amazing Canadian adventure across the Rockies by rail and a rather lavish cruise around Alaska I am excited!

Today I am having my hair cut (long time coming) and we are celebrating my late Auntie’s 65th by having a meal together as a family! I’m incredibly grateful and I count my blessings. I was such a different person a few years ago… I honestly do not recognise this lively, bubbly and happy girl at times! I am truly content in every aspect of my life. Surviving is NOT living, life is what you make it and things happen for a reason! Life can be tough but never ever give up! If you give up you’ll never know what is around the corner. It’s at the weirdest of times you meet people who just make your life instantly better. I’m incredibly happy with where I am, I have my off days but all in all I am having an absolute blast πŸ™‚


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