Death is inevitable, but don’t let it get you down!

Don’t bury your head in the sand!

It is a universal fact that one day we will all unfortunately die. There is no escaping death. Death can occur at any given time therefore it’s paramount we enjoy every single millisecond and minute of every single day and tell our loved ones just how much they are loved. We cannot stop the ultimate event from happening and it’s a waste of our time to fear something that is just as natural as birth. In our lives we all face things that we’d rather not have to face. Everybody has had metaphorical poop hit that fan and just when you think the mess has been cleared more dung gets thrown into the fan and you have to start the clean up process all over again. That my friends is life. It doesn’t matter what the struggle is EVERYONES struggles are real. They are real and they are really affecting that individual whether they are physical problems, emotional problems, relationship problems or maybe financial problems never ever belittle someone and try to comfort them by saying ‘oh it’s not that bad, other people have bigger problems’. That is just a rather idiotic idea and then it turns it into some sick twisted competition about who has the biggest and most serious problems. Rewind. Everybody suffers. Every body has a story to tell and sometimes people just need a shoulder to sob on!

Life is hard. It’s hard and it can be extremely challenging at times. Often things happen really close together and you feel like you are in this bubble of surrealism and cannot quite comprehend what is happening. One piece of friendly advice is to try and not stress. Stress will not help you, it’s a well known fact that stress can bring on an array of illnesses and being stressed will not help you at all. I know it may seem impossible to not be stressed when you’re faced with such a huge huge thing but just try and remain calm. Also never ever google symptoms on the internet because the likelihood is that you do not have an incurable disease which means you’ll need an oxygen mask and your right leg needs to be amputated. No. That my friends is not a reliable source of information and it will only end up with you worrying yourself into submission till you finally brave the doctors office to discover that the symptoms are only that of a minor cold. It’s not going to kill you. I admit that sometimes, sometimes it’s not ok when you get into that doctors office but you cannot truly know till you speak to someone who knows what they are on about instead of a fifteen year old who has just edited a wikipedia page..

Death doesn’t have to be a scary thing, it’s something every single one of us will experience in our lifetime. Yes it may be sad, and yes you may need several boxes of man sized tissues but you can’t avoid it. It may seem really appealing to bury your head in the sand and to just pretend everything is hunkydory when in facts it’s not. Be real. Cry if you want to cry, scream if you want to scream, write if you want to write… do whatever you need to do (within reason.. obviously something that is legal) I for one can tell you that the saying ‘time heals’ is bull. Yes time may bring some healing but not full healing, it’s going to be hard to lose someone you love, you may feel bitter and ask why me, why why why? The thing is things happen in life that nobody can explain, nobody knows why such and such had to develop a terminal illness, or why that child died or why that baby was born with a fatal disease. Why why why? I wish I could answer this but I can’t. It’s life, it happens to be blunt. People live then people die, there is no guaranteed age that somebody has on this earth. You can’t even be sure when you close your eyes you’ll wake up tomorrow albeit (it’s pretty likely you will so don’t deprive yourself of sleep because you fear the reaper will get you when you’re not looking..) It’s doesn’t work like that.

Maybe it’s a morbid thing to plan your death, maybe you don’t want to think about leaving this world and those you love behind. I understand that, I understand that it’s easier to pretend you are dandy and to be in denial. It’s ok. That is perfectly normal. It is normal to not be thinking about dying every single moment of the day.. I’m not suggesting you do that because let’s face it you won’t be looking at the beautiful creation around you but instead you’ll be googling appropriate funeral songs and choosing what wood you want for your box in which you’ll lay. Just don’t fear it. Don’t spend your life afraid of dying, don’t waste your time worrying. Life’s too short to worry, take a chill pill or maybe valium or simply down a bottle of wine and dance the night away. Go on and eat that cheeky slice of cheesecake and eat that last brownie in the tin. Don’t waste your time being frugal and frigid, be a free spirit, take a relaxed laid back approach to life. Don’t take it seriously laugh at the taboo subjects like death and illness, make the best of a bad situation, surround yourself with people that make you feel happy and that maybe sneak you a few too many tequila’s. Don’t be anyone but yourself, live your dream, do what the hell you want and don’t just do something because you feel you ought to be doing that to please someone other than you! This is your life, this is YOUR life. It is yours. Enjoy it and don’t waste any of it because time is a gift and it’s only on loan for a certain amount of time.


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