Exploring Portsmouth with Will!

Last weekend we headed down South and I was shown the sights and attractions in the southern city, Portsmouth! I actually had applied to study at Porstmouth so I had seen some of what it offered but I was shown a whole lot more by Will who went to uni there and spent five years of his life living there! It was super sunny which clearly worked in our favour and it was nice to see the sea and it somewhat reminded me of home in a weird way! We had a rather delightful trip to the Waitrose there (which FYI is an absolute maze and no one should underestimate it’s ability to confuse you greatly) we bought some lunch and headed to the promenade with our free coffee *thanks Waitrose* and sandwiches before we strolled along towards the Spinnaker Tower which is at Gunwharf Quays! But we stopped for a cheeky alcoholic beverage along the way and Will reminisced about spending many a happy hour drinking ale in the sun! So without further a do I shall leave you all with a few pictures of Portsmouth!

It was a really enjoyable day! So thank you for making the weekend so enjoyable! I hope you enjoyed taking a look at some of the sights in the South!


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