Girls just want to have fun: OOTN 3/4/15

I like many other university student tend to make the most of student nights during the week and we at least try and go out twice a week.. it can be more however! This means a wardrobe full of appropriate clubbing attire is needed, the problem is that it’s near impossible on a student budget to afford dresses from Urban Outfitters and Top Shop and I’ve had to become somewhat savvy when it comes to finding clothes for a night out! Long gone are the days where I could blow £50 on a dress without batting an eyelid! These days Newlook, Primarni & Select seem to be my latest haunts! My most recent purchase came from Select Clothing (1. it’s cheap and 2. it doesn’t matter if your friend spills cheeky vimto down it… not pointing any fingers. So without further a do I shall post a few vain photos of myself wearing the £5 beauty.

It reveals a fair bit of skin which is quite hilarious as I used to be the girl to cover myself from head to toe but things have changed. I would never have opted for a cut out dress but I’m glad I did, it was kind of out of my comfort zone but after vodka, wine and port I probably just didn’t care! One thing I’ve learnt is that it’s a lot easier to wear dresses as playsuits are notoriously difficult to go to the toilet in! I cannot quite believe this only cost me £5. I love wearing black on a night out, not only is it flattering but it also doesn’t stain as easily as light colours! To accompany my LBD *every girl should have at least two LBD in their collection* I wore plain black suede ballet shoes and silver earrings and kept it very minimal looking. I really liked how it all looked together! So there we have it.. my first OOTN post!


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