Growing up

It’s only suddenly hit me that everyone is growing up, we are all getting older, we are all desperate to be successful in our careers and our personal lives alike! Life is changing, if we like it or not things are going to change… some changes for the better others not so much! The future is unknown and somewhat unclear but what is certain is that everyone in my friendship group is growing up. We are adults, we are not children and that’s a fact. Another year older we say as we gradually blow out more and more candles on our celebration of birth cakes and gradually receive less and less sporadic cards with money and gifts from family friends because adults just don’t get that type of treatment. Adulthood is a SERIOUS business! More and more people my age are settling down, tying the knot, moving half way around the world and reproducing! It’s crazy but it’s exciting! It only feels like yesterday we were all bouncing on a bouncy castle at a garden party and eating cocktail sausages out of paper bowls! Oh how times have changed… maybe (I’d still settle for eating cocktail sausages out of a paper bowl or rather the packet…) People are finding the one, friends are in long stable and loving relationships and it’s not going to be long before there’s engagement cards to send, wedding gifts to buy and baby shower offerings! We are all getting on, and growing up means CHANGE.

For me personally I’m super happy, I’m happy with the changes in my life, I’m loving my twenties and I’m not dreading my thirties! I’m excited for what’s to come, I’m excited about the prospects of big things, small things and everything in between! I’m excited about holidays, road trips and date nights, nights out with the girls, family events and so forth! I’m excited for my 21st Birthday (home and abroad)… I’m looking forward to moving into my new house, starting my second year of law school and so so so much more!

When I turned 18, it didn’t really feel like a huge momentous occasion in my life, yes I could drink legally and hit the clubs if I so wished but that was about it! There wasn’t a huge amount of change.

At 19 I moved to the UK to start law school, turned 20 and was a fresher.

Now it’s June 2015, it’s 3 months and a bit till I turn 21! The big 2 1, the start of being a serious grown up who has to make serious grown up decisions, who has to become financially stable and who has to decide whether those curtains match with that sofa or whether it is necessary to have 35 guest mugs! Those are serious decisions to make… I jest! I have to possess a decent degree classification and I need to be a desirable candidate for the LPC and a training contract! I need to be some what domesticated and actually cook proper meals a whole lot more and to not rely on the frozen aisle of ready meals in waitrose or sainsburys! I need to become more sophisticated and throw sophisticated dinner parties like real adults would…. Some things just won’t change!

I’ll still run a mile when there’s a spider or a creepy crawly or wasps and bees! That’s a mans job, I’ll deal with the mice! Then there’s fun jobs like food shopping, making decisions on whether those 700cal desserts make the cut or whether the low fat frozen yogurt icecream would be a better alternative for ones gut!

Then there’s the joy of mortgages and other financial stuff which is clearly riveting for all!

There is a lot of choices to make

Life is crazy but it’s exciting, change is a good thing, change is healthy, change keeps things fresh and alive!

I shall embrace growing up, I shall embrace the change and go with the flow, that’s what I do best… Go with the flow and let things that aren’t good go! Let them go, let them go and don’t hold them back anymore (That was for the Disney fanatic who is inside all of us)

That’s it from me, there’s a lotΒ to think about!

Until next time!

c xoΒ 


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