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I am grateful!

We can all quite often fall into a trap of seeing life with a negative view, we waste time moaning over trivial things that don’t really mean an awful lot, it’s just the humdrum of everyday life. On Saturday evening we headed to the harbour and sat and ate our dinner whilst watching the sun set. I for one can often fall into the technology trap and instead of appreciating the beauty surrounding me I get hooked on scrolling through my newsfeeds. It is only when you put down the phone and in my case (put on the glasses) and sit back and merely look you can truly appreciate the wonder of nature! We probably stayed for around an hour and in that time we saw birds soaring, people walking and boats docking! It was rather sad as we saw two injured Seagulls with only one fully functioning leg. It really got me thinking about our mentality and that of wild animals. This seagull was clearly injured and it was clear he couldn’t stand on both legs and kind of just hopped about and eventually sat down. I was amazed to see that despite it’s physical difficulties it mustered up the courage, got it’s balance and soared high up into the sky. The seagull didn’t let it’s problem prevent it from living it’s life and from living up to it’s true potential. It could still live albeit with a bit of a gammy leg it could still soar and dive, catch food and fly gracefully. It wasn’t letting it stop him.

So why am I wittering away about a seagull you ask? It just made me stop and think about the time’s I’ve moaned about either being too tired or hungry to manage to do something and it made me think about how many incredible things I’ve missed out on in my life due to the fact I don’t often take time out to just pause. I don’t think I often say how grateful I am for my life and the incredible people who make my life so incredibly wonderful. So today I felt like declaring that I am grateful, I am grateful!

I am grateful for a multitude of reasons and I don’t personally think it’s necessary for me to write them all down! Let’s just say I would be there for an awfully long time! Yes there are moments in life when I don’t feel so grateful, there are moments when I am bitter and full of hate I acknowledge that. I must try harder with my gratefulness, it’s something to work on. Instead of wasting time focusing on the negative I have actively chosen to focus on the positives because worrying over things isn’t healthy and it doesn’t fix anything. It’s pointless, it’s pointless.Β 


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