It’s the little things!

It’s the little things that mean the most! That is a saying that I will always treasure because it’s so true! The fancy expensive things may bring temporary happiness but an electrical gadget can easily break but the memories you make with the ones that you love they will remain eternally. So without further a do I shall get straight to the point of this post! My parents decided to take a well deserved break from work and decided to do a few bits around the house and to go out for a few meals and some picturesque drives along the way! I was fortunate enough to be able to accompany them on a few of their outings and I decided to document this particular outing! It was probably the cheapest and the least fanciest outing we did throughout the week but nevertheless it was lovely and we really valued each others company and time! Where I live there are an awful lot of beach side kiosks that serve food such as hot dogs and chips and homemade cakes as well as an array of hot drinks! We went to one of the beach kiosks on the West Coast and my parents had a hotdog and a hot chocolate and because I’m a Vegetarian, I just opted for a portion of rather lovely chips! It’s so surprising that sometimes the smallest remote little kiosks serve the best food! It was rather windy and the waves were pretty rough so we decided we’d eat in the car and it was really rather lovely!

We parked and ate our lunch and drank our drinks and just spoke about life and the happy memories we treasure and we relived when we went on our huge adventure to San Juan, Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean. We spoke about life and the current ongoing problems and most of all we just valued each other company as well as enjoying a rather delightful (not overly healthy snack!) BUT it was definitely worth it. I really love the above shot, it just captured the moment, the stormy weather, our hot drinks and our Caribbean themed yankee candle to rekindle some of our Caribbean love! Our island is incredibly beautiful and it’s only when you stop what you are doing and sit back and admire the view you realise how very lucky you are to be living in such a beautiful place! Albeit it being extremely quiet and quaint there is no doubt that it is a beautiful place to live especially when we have views like this quite literally on our door step!

The sky was clear and blue and the foliage danced in the wind, it was just beautiful and for half an hour we just sat and enjoyed the view and embraced the fact that we are alive and that we are fortunate enough to be able to see the beautiful rugged West Coast! Life may not always be fair and there’s been plenty of times where we’ve doubted the purpose of it all but it is impossible to say that life isn’t beautiful when you get to see a view like this! Life is difficult and there’s no doubting that but it’s short and precious and these moments are what you hold onto. I admit fancy holidays also create absolutely incredible memories but you can make fantastic memories where ever you are! I challenge you to put down your smart phone, grab a cup of coffee/tea or hot chocolate and find a little piece of paradise and just sit back and admire the view because life can easily pass us by if we don’t open our eyes to the beauty around us!


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