I’ve officially moved out! 5/27/15

I spent the final night in my halls room on Saturday night before my parents made the long arduous trip over to the UK to collect me… and all of my stuff … believe me when I say there was a lot! It was definitely a bitter sweet moment in my life, there’s so many memories associated with that room! So many stories to hold onto. I’m moving into my new house in the second week of July which means that’s it! So long E113 B! You have been brilliant, cosy, cute and homely! I’m going to miss you, but onto better things! I know it’s only a room, and that there have been people before me and I’m well aware there will be people after me but it played a part of my life. It was home when I moved to a strange, scary and unfamiliar city back in September! It held all my personal and cute items and it looked hellish cute! It was so sad looking when everything had been packed up, it just looked so lifeless and unlike my little girly haven that it was a few days prior! I shall leave you all with a few pictures of a sad room that awaits it’s next inhabitant! All I hope is that they are kind to you, like I was!!!



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