June shenanigans and massive thank you’s! You make me feel all the feels <3

I’ve approximately been home for around 3 weeks, only another three weeks till I’m reunited with WRS… I’m only a little bit excited *note sarcasm* I cannot wait to see him and to move into my rather swish and swanky house for second year of law school! Since I’ve been back the weather has been pretty darn awful! Which seems ironic as the UK has been experiencing nicer weather as Will so lovingly reminds me daily… There have been a few nice days which have meant trips out, walks and meals/drinks with friends and family! It’s not been a bad three weeks! I made the decision to chop off my hair and I’m loving my new natural look! I’ve bought yet more clothes… erm yeah oops!? I’ve picked up some fabulous art work for my uni room which is yellow, apt and just fabulous! It was in fact my mum that wanted to buy it for me along with other home wear bits and pieces! I’ve also decided that because I have failed to find paid work for the short duration I’m home that I will be in charge of cooking food for the next three weeks!!! So keep an out out for foodie themed posts…

after all everyone loves food right? I’ve already made a super delicious, quick, cheap and easy frittata for dinner the other day! I’ll add a picture of the beast after my ramblings! I’d just like to say a MASSIVE thank you for making me feel so welcome here and for being so lovely and commenting andΒ making me feel all the feels you are all super wonderful! I’m excited about our future :’) I shall leave you all with a few token pictures of my last few weeks!


My cool new hair do, feat French Connection sunnies and vintage cerise coat!


Frittata! all the eggy goodness in one dish! I threw in some garlic, mushrooms, courgette, salami, proscuitto and cheese! It was good!


This is the hilarious print my mum bought me… it’s apt and sometimes lemonade will just not do!

11376281_1640605912822596_1635994093_n 11379240_106034816400575_878253319_n

Me and Em’s went out for drinks.. maybe too many but it was fun!


And finally, we had our annual service on the beach, I got burnt slightly… it was super sunny and lovely!


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