Life is good!

I’m back at home (aka the rock!) Life is good! I am happy πŸ™‚ I could stop there because that pretty much sums up my existence but that would be an awfully boring blog post (also incredibly short). So without further a do let me enlighten you all what’s been going on in my little old life! I’m not even sure who reads this blog but I’m rolling with it *check out instagram* Summer is here, I have booked my return trip to the UK in July, which means I roughly have 5 weeks here before I head back for the month! I’ve got most of my results back (all have been pretty good so far) and I’ve started gathering cute new things for the new house! Life is looking up! I’m aware this isn’t the case for others and I therefore felt that cute inspiring summer pictures could fill your screens and make you smile or at least hopeful that better days WILL come and ARE going to come!

I’ll be back with a more meaty post later on, I know this is short but it’s short and sweet and I’m going with it!

Love C


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