Life lately 3/23/15












A life lately post seemed like a relatively good idea as quite a lot has happened and it’s good to remember such memories, even if they weren’t all positive ones it still plays a part in your life. I’ve kind of written a similar blog post (minus the pictures) and not a lot has changed since that post and life is still pretty hectic and crazy to say the least! This semester we’ve definitely been going out a lot more and enjoying the student way of life i.e Dominos, Chinese and Curries from London Road! It’s been a crazy ride but an enjoyable one! I’m heading home for Easter on Friday for two weeks, it will be good to catch up with friends from home and be able to go to the cupboards and to actually find food and to have someone to wash my clothes for me, that is definitely one big perk of time back on the rock! Anyway before I go off on a tangent I shall get straight down to business!

(1) This photo was taken on Thursday when we went out to celebrate my friend/flatmate’s 21st Birthday, we visited our usual haunt (Plug ofc) and we had pre’s at my friends flat. It was an interesting night to say the least but the photos are quite cute and I’m just glad they were taken at the start of the night and not the end!

(2) The second photo was also taken on the same night! I owe this girl a huge amount and I truly value her and couldn’t ask for a better friend! She looked absolutely stunning as per usual!

(3) A cheeky selfie before the Plug zoo party! queue the drunken pouting Char face! It was a good night!

(4) Cheeky pre drinks before we headed out to… you guessed it PLUG! Feat Josh, Abbie, Tay & me!

(5) Typical Tay & Char tipsy selfie before we head out!

(6) Zoo party at Plug! there were face painters so of course we acted our age and decided to have our face painted! A & T were also in the Thursday Bonkers video! It was quite hilarious, I decided to have a leopard on my face, Taylor had some pink/purple stripes and I’m not sure what Abbie was supposed to be!

(7) Dave Benson Phillips! Any 90’s kid would remember this guy who featured in 50/50 & get your own back! He came to Plug with his gunge tank and it was a really good night! It was a fight between the two uni’s and we won! Yes!!! I have a video that I might include at the bottom of this post!

(8) To celebrate Anj’s birthday we decorated the flat with bunting and paper chains spelling out Happy Birthday and her name and lot’s of 21’s! It was good fun and she really appreciated it!

(9) The preparation for Anj’s return.. which resulted in the loss of our microwave which in the end provided hours of entertainment for Jin & myself as we attempted to de-toxify our lifeline and BFF.

(10) Professional Zoo party photo, I really love this picture and I find it amusing how my phone is never far away from me! It was a good night.

(11) Another night spent in Plug with the girls (another professional photo… oops we spend too much time there!)

(12) Sheffield by night! This photo was taken from my parents hotel room when they came to visit! Sheffield is super pretty by night and I just had to capture this aerial picture before I move out of halls.

(13) When my parents visited me (there are slowly getting better at selfies) I love these two lots and lots and this snap was captured in town centre of Sheffield!

(14) TGI Fridays! I absolutely love this restaurant and we always opt for tapas which is delicious in my opinion! I love the Jack Daniel shrimp, BBQ humous, mozzarella dippers and potato skins! So so so good!

(15) Another Plug photo (taken on a Saturday…) I’m pretty sure this was valentines day and all us singletons wandered out and about and hit the town.. well Plug..

(16) Another Thursday spent at Plug, no particular occasion, we are students and week days are cheap! No further explanation is needed.

(17) It was Abbie’s birthday and a group of us went out to celebrate at Plug…. we have been to other clubs but Plug is just the best in our opinion. It was a good night!

Wow looking back it seems like I spend half my life at plug and the other half either at uni or halls! This semester has been good! In fact both semesters have been thoroughly enjoyable! I don’t think the few weeks after Easter will be as enjoyable due to exams and coursework deadlines but then it’s summer from the 13th May! This year has flown by, first year is nearly over… One thing I am looking forward to is moving into the house in July! Anyway I should probably start my mountain of Law work!


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