Majority ruling: Britain is looking blue! 5/18/15

It’s been a bitter sweet day for the United Kingdom. I like many individuals residing in the UK watched the nerve wracking 2015 election results well into the early morning and then we sat there on tenterhooks while the conservatives waited for their 326th seat to be filled in order for it to be a majority ruling and it happened. I watched the coverage as David Cameron was driven from his audience with the Queen and I listened to his speech on how he wants to make Britain a better place. Now for me personally I didn’t really think about the impact of the election results. Guernsey is this bubble that isn’t affected by such things, we have our own state and we predominantly govern ourselves. It was only yesterday and when I asked my good friend who she would vote for and she said labour and she asked who I would vote for (which was admittedly conservatives) in my eyes Guernsey did not have free health care and we survive! It was then the articles that kept popping up on social media truly got you thinking… The conservatives admittedly want to privatise health care and in some ways I guess I had the naive opinion that if we can cope so can the UK! In my head, tax payers money shouldn’t be spent on lazy people who lack self control and cannot stop eating! You are what you eat after all right? However what about people facing cancer treatment, those who need organ transplants in order to survive and the elderly who rely on the NHS to effectively keep them alive and kicking!

Wow what a mind frick! There are people from all walks of life living in the UK, if the NHS was to be cut (there’s already been so many cuts to health care and closing of hospitals or specialist units) what would happen to these people? What would happen to the people who cannot afford to pay for health care? Are they just going to be left? There was already cuts to legal aid a few years back (I’m studying a law degree) which probably means job prospects are even grimmer than they were 24hrs ago! It’s easy to turn a blind eye because I’m one of the lucky ones! A friend who is a huge labour supporter summed it up as ‘I’ll be alright but others wont’ and that’s the thing. It won’t have a huge effect on me, it won’t have a huge effect on my family or my friends from home.. BUT it will affect those that I love in the UK, it will affect their family and their friends. It could even affect them! By 2019, 2000 nurses are scheduled to be cut, it will affect people who live in my halls, it will affect thousands of students who are studying health and social based degrees. These election results will affect the whole country. It’s already affected the lives of 3 men who had to resign and step down from their positions. That is an awful lot for society to get their heads around… Like I said I’ll be ok but you might not be and that’s not exactly fair but I’m only a twenty year old girl who has suddenly taken a keen interest in politics after studying public law and meeting politic students! I think I’ll leave it there, quite a lot to contemplate and process. We can only hope for the sake of society that the future of Britain will be bright and prosperous.


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