Making the move to Sheffield! (4/16/14)

The Winter Garden

The Peace Gardens

Hotel Balcony & view

Victoria Quays

Leafy Campus road

Sheffield Train Station

I’ve just got back from a quick trip to beautiful sunny Northern England! I had a course open day at my university and I’m delighted to say that I have wholeheartedly fallen in love with the city! It’s so incredibly friendly.. despite it being the fifth largest city in the UK! I love the feel of the place, the friendly helpful locals, the diverse culture, the green leafy campuses and the fact it’s easily accessible from the train station! It’s completely different from home and I think that’s why I love it so much! Our favourite restaurant is only one hour away on the M1 and I can get home in about 6 hours via train and plane! We figured out how to get to the campus from the train station, and most importantly the shopping centre! Which was absolutely massive and was completely overwhelming due to it’s size! We walked from our hotel to the university halls and wondered around the city centre, stopping at various cafes for copious amounts of drinks! I cannot wait till September! I feel so ready to go and to meet new people and make new friends! I don’t actually feel that nervous anymore! I guess taking a year out has been beneficial in some ways! It’s made me independent and confident. The course open day reiterated that I had made the right decision to choose Sheffield over Nottingham! I feel happy and content in Sheffield! The course looks and sounds amazing with so many opportunities to work with law firms, law clinics and attorneys in America! I also have the opportunity to learn a language alongside my law course meaning I could potentially become fluent in french (or a language of my choice!) It sounds beyond perfect!

The weather was beautiful whilst we were there and we sat on our balcony at the hotel overlooking Victoria Quays sipping chilled drinks! I bought my sunglasses, a last minute decision before we headed to the airport and I’m so glad I did because it was stupidly warm when we arrived! Who knew the city known for it’s steel could be so beautiful and clean! I had read online that Sheffield was meant to be the greenest city in the UK and I can see why! We wondered around the Peace Gardens and took photos of the city hall and the high street! We then popped into the Winter Garden which was beautiful! I took so many photos! I’ve been to Sheffield several times now and each time I go there it just feels more homely by the minute! I guess this is a good thing seeing as it’s going to be my home for three years come September this year! I’m now counting down the days till we pack up my room and hop onto a three/four hour ferry before making the five hour drive up North! I think it’s around 154 days till I make the move! It’s so bizarre to thinking that I’ll be leaving my little home and family and cats behind and I’ll be living somewhere else wondering around the city, picking up my vegetarian goodies and picking up my weekly care packages from the parents! I’m getting really excited about university as the days go by! A lot of my friends are already at uni and have nearly done a WHOLE YEAR! It’s crazy how fast time goes! It only seems like yesterday I was anxiously sitting on the sofa thinking about my A Levels and now I’m nearly 20 and I have an unconditional offer to study LLB Law!!! I shall leave a few photos of our trip to Sheffield whilst I think about all the things I need to do before September (and believe me there’s an awful lot to do!)


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