Mothers Day 3/16/15

It was Mothers day on the 15th of March, it was the first mothers day I’d spent away from my Mum. To some extent it was weird being hundreds of miles away from her, it was weird not waking up running into her bedroom and giving her cards and presents. It was in some ways a realisation that there will be many more Mother’s Day’s to come that we will spend apart and that’s just a matter of fact. I have a wonderful relationship with my Mum, I love her to absolute pieces and without doubt she is one of my biggest supporters and my absolute best friend. That women means an incredible amount to me. I cannot imagine life without my Mum. For many individuals Mothers Day was raw, hard and extremely challenging. The really awful part about life is that death is as natural as birth. Many sons and daughters would be facing the 15th March 2015 without their Mums. I am incredibly grateful that my beautiful Mummy is still here and I get to see her in less than two weeks. For others it’s impossible to physically spend time with them and the only place they can go to is their headstone with flowers and teddies. I sometimes wonder whether I give my Mum enough credit, without her I would not be here today, she gave birth to me, she loves me unconditionally, she encourages and pushes me to achieve my dreams and she never gives up on me. She loves me and I love her. That is the way it should be. Mothers day is always an odd day, it’s about Mothers and their children, it’s about spending time with them. My sister would have been seventeen and ideally my Mum would have loved to have spent the day with both of us. For whatever reason it didn’t happen and that’s just life. Some you win and others you lose. Life isn’t fair and it’s definitely too short, I aim to treasure every single moment I’ve ever had with my Mum, the good and the bad. I’ll always hold onto our memories, our selfie attempts on cliff walks and our facetime catch ups. I treasure every single moment I spend with that wonderful lady. If life has taught me anything it’s that life is a gift and it’s only temporary, it’s not down to us when we want to call it quits and leave the ones we love behind. As Joni Mitchell said ‘Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got, till its gone’

Dearest Mum, I love you an incredible amount and I value every millisecond we spend together


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