Outfits of the month-ish! 5/7/15

Hello lovelies! This is just going to be a super quick outfits post! I think there’s often a lot of pressure on people to conform to society’s perception of ‘norm’… I however refuse to conform to wear the things people tell me I should wear! I’m all about being original and if I want to clash yellow with fuchsia pink I will!!! I’ve always been somewhat of an odd ball who wears whatever she wants and doesn’t bat an eyelid at what people may say! People can say what they want but I’ll still wear what I WANT to wear! I guess this a little encouragement to those who feel they can’t wear what they want to wear, you go for it! If you feel comfortable in it, you will simply shine and look amazing! Anyway so without further a do I shall crack on and give you the details of my outfits! I’m clearly not a ‘professional’ photograph kinda gal! I’m just a twenty year old law student snapping outfit pics in her uni room 😉

I call this my running errands go to outfit! It’s comfy, baggy and kind of chic at the same time? Well I think so anyway! It’s super simple… a white linen oversized blouse from Moonsoon, Blue jeans from New Look, grey scarf from primark and I was wearing my rather garish but fabulous cloud print trainers to make a dull day in the north a whole lot brighter! It’s a very natural and effortless look in my opinion! The only slight problem is that the shirt creases A LOT!
I just threw this together and rolled with it! I apologise about the wires and other crap in the background but I’m no pro! The trousers are a houndstooth pattern and they were super cheap from Select and I paired it with a cropped mint green jumper from asos as it was a little chilly in the UK!
I LOVE MY PINK COAT, I genuinely don’t care if people hate it and think it’s garish it’s vintage, unique and definitely a Char worthy coat! I’d call it a spring coat because of the colour and it just instantly adds a huge pop of colour to any outfit! Oh yes before you ask I’m totally wearing pink suede desert boots with it *no cares given* I love my boots so pretty and so comfortable.. admittedly they are pretty out there but I simply do not care! I wore a cream blouse from M&S and black jegging type jeans from New Look! I love my sunglasses as they are brown and from French Connection meaning they don’t look so harsh on my face. I also wore bright pink lipstick… because why not!
This was an evening outfit! It’s a plain black playsuit from ASOS, it’s flattering and also a tad quirky as it had flared sleeves meaning it’s totally Char-esque and I had to snap it up! I just paired it with chunky black chelsea boots from ASOS and some gold vintage earrings!
We went out for a family meal and I felt like dressing up so I threw on this super pretty silk black floral dress, paired it with a green scarf for a pop of colour and pink ballet flat’s because I’m already quite tall so I don’t necessarily need heels! I borrowed my mums bag (CK) which I bought her for mothers day and wore a bright pink lipstick and simple silver earrings!

So there we have it! Those are a few of my outfits from the last month and a half! I hope you enjoyed taking a sneaky peek! Until next time, take care!


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