Perfectly poached eggs!

So yesterday in the UK was a bank holiday meaning nobody works and people generally go out and do things to celebrate! We however did housework which was a necessity! Our hoover broke the other week and we haven’t been able to hoover the house since.. safe to say it was in need of a hoover and we bought another one that is wireless and super light to tackle ALL of ours stairs and trust me there’s an awful lot of them! We decided to have a form of brunch at around 11 and my mum said what about trying out our new egg poaching device that we picked up from John Lewis whilst shopping at Waitrose the other day! So that’s exactly what we did and because we both absolutely adore Eggs Royale from Carluccios we thought we’d attempt to make our own Eggs Royale and I’m pleased to say it was a success and nothing was left on the plates! We used our favourite smoke salmon (The Heston Blumenthal’s) it’s so tasty and definitely worth the price) We made some Hollandaise sauce and halved a ciabatta roll to place the salmon and egg on top. It’s really quick and easy and fairly healthy and also delightfully good! The poach pods work excellently and they are small to store and easy to clean! It takes around 4-6 minutes to get your perfectly poached egg and it’s really easy to get the egg out from the device! Our poached pod from Waitrose cost Β£5.50 (for two silicone pods) they also sell a device to lift the poach pods which is sold separately albeit it’s useful it’s really not necessary! It retails at Β£3.00 from John Lewis! Our only observation is to make sure you use a large enough pan because it can be tricky picking up your poached egg and you could have a potential problem with water getting into the pod (although it doesn’t affect it to be quite honest!) So yes I highly recommend this yummy brunch because it takes less than 10 minutes and it’s far more rewarding than an ordinary sandwich.

Enjoy making your perfectly poachy poached eggs!

(hope you appreciated my alliteration!)


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