Quick and easy fishcakes!

As previously stated I’m in charge of cooking till I head back to the UK in three weeks! On Saturday I’d made a frittata and today I decided to make my trusty quick and easy cupboard friendly fishcakes! At the end of the day I’m a student, money is tight and quick and easy yet nutritious food is a high priority! I’ve got a weird relationship with food… Anyway I decided I would make these healthy, scrummy little beauties and here’s how I did it!


First of all you need some potatoes (I intended to make 8 fishcakes which meant two each) You can use large or small potatoes… any kind of potato! You could even use sweet potato! I peeled and popped these into a pan to boil before mashing them to add to the mix!

11257739_10206338903659108_6787153952825023993_nI then used three tins of tuna, drained them and popped the contents into a mixing bowl!

11401393_10206338903099094_5276280706485702979_nI grabbed some spring onions, chopped off the ends and cut them into small bits and added them to my tuna mixture! Also imagine an image of a red pepper and some herby cheese to make it nice and tasty!


It looked like this…


Then it looked like this when I added the cheese!


I then separated the mixture into 8 equal size mounds and brushed them with olive oil so they would brown in the oven! I cooked them for roughly 30 minutes and stopped halfway to coat the other side with olive oil!


I decided to serve the fish cakes with sweet potato fries which are yummy!


This is what they looked like plated up! oh I forgot I also added a garlic clove… I love a bit of seasoning!


Close up view of todays dinner! It was very yummy and was enjoyed all round! Another successful dinner cooked by yours truly in the Wilkinson household! So if you have any tinned tuna & potatoes lying around… give it a go! They are always a hit with my family!

Love C xo


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