Recently watched | what I want to watch! 4/5/15

I’ve recently watched several films that I absolutely loved! Some are new but some are not! I thought I’d do a monthly recently watched and a monthly what I want to watch! I’m a university student meaning its ones second nature to find different ways to put off that assignment or exam preparation! So without further a do I shall crack on… p.p.s I hope you appreciate the gifs! (I had to scroll through tumblr to get these beauties) haha!

The Lego Movie: I absolutely loved this movie, it’s such an easy watch and it’s family friendly and quite frankly brilliant and hilarious! I keep singing ‘everything is awesome’ and I can’t get the soundtrack out of my head and I’m debating about whether I should download it or not! I can’t wait to watch it again!

How to train your dragon 2: I absolutely loved the first one and I loved the second one! I’m not going to spoil it for anyone but it’s a bit of a tear jerker (if you cry at sad films be prepared with the tissues) It’s heart warming and lovely and definitely worth a watch!

The theory of everything: So incredibly moving and a definite tear jerker. It hit a tad too close to home as we lost a family member to this terrible disease and I think I spent the whole time crying because the acting was incredible and so very realistic! Just be prepared to cry *a lot*

Gone girl: This film was bizarre, it played with your mind, it did nothing but surprise you and the general theme was dark and sinister. It was good but it’s definitely not a movie you could watch over and over again in my opinion! It’s chalk and cheese to the ‘everything is awesome’ movie!

Taken 3: My love for Liam Neeson will never die! He’s just so effortlessly cool and badass in every single film! However the original Taken movie will always remain my favourite! If you like action, violence and Neeson go for it!

Now onto films I want to watch!

  1. The second best exotic marigold hotel- it’s one of my favourite films, need I say anything else.
  2. Paddington the movie- It looks cute and funny and typically british!
  3. Big Hero 6- I’m a sucker for animation..
  4. Chappie- it’s advertised on Sky movies constantly
  5. Inside out- it’s animated…. & cute
  6. The Duff- it’s meant to be similar to Mean Girls.. not a difficult decision.

What movies do you want to watch/recommend?

Happy watching!


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