I’m sentimental what can I say, I had gathered a LOT of flyers, wrist bands, tickets, receipts and various other pieces of paper that hold some sentimental value! I was also sent a ton of cards; good luck, well wishes, new home and birthday cards! I was sent weekly care packages from the parents so I kept all the cute cards and postage stamps from all of those too! At the end of the year I started the long tedious process of clearing out my bedside table which housed all these lovely delights that everyone else would have chucked out… I’m glad I didn’t! I was hesitant to let them go, so I made a visit to Wilko’s and bought a large scrapbook and started sticking bits and pieces in there! It started off as a way to house these random pieces of paper but it soon turned into quite a nice scrapbook that documented my first year at university! I incorporated receipts, cards, photographs, post it notes and doodles along with annotations which explain the significance of the page and the reason why it’s featured in the book! The scrapbook grew very quickly and soon it was bursting with memories which meant a lot to me! So without further a do I shall show you all a few taster pages of my scrapbook!

This is the scrapbook! It’s a fairly large scrapbook and it has an elastic band in order to keep the scrapbook together! It can hold quite a lot of bulky items! I simply added a hand written title and some doodle hearts because I’m cool like that!

This is the first page in the scrapbook and I thought a logical place to start would be move in day! The items I’ve stuck in came in the welcome pack I received when I moved in to my uni halls!

These are some of the wrist bands I’ve collected over the year and some of the flyers that came under out flat door in freshers week! The red band is a wrist band for plug, the yellow band is for the Carver Street block party, the orange band was for the traffic light party which was on my 20th Birthday at Leadmill, the pink band is from a bar crawl which happened in freshers week, the gold band was from the o2 academy when we watched Route 94 and finally the pink band is for plug!

This was a letter I received from my auntie before I moved to university! It’s cute, motivational and needed to feature in my scrapbook!

As you may be able to see there are an AWFUL LOT of spoons receipts! Trips to spoons have played a big part in my uni life! As have cute cards from my parents and post cards from friends all over the world! That postcard was sent from New Zealand!

I decided to incorporate my birthday cards into my book! The top card is from my friend Steph (the card is handmade) and the bottom card is from my friend Lauren! The congrats card was in response to my A Level results!

These are some more well wishing/congratulations/hope you are settling in cards that I received before going to university!

The left side documents mine and Wills trip to Portsmouth where we visited the Spinnaker Tower! I obviously kept the receipts from the that and I decided to stick in two photos that I had taken whilst in Portsmouth! The right side just has more cards that I’ve received over the year!

The first card was a card I received for my birthday and the second card was a good luck in the UK card from my Auntie and her partner.

Yet more cards! The second page documents evenings in with wine!

A good luck card from the parents! and a birthday card from a family member. The second page houses all the wine bottle labels that have been consumed…

A card from my Granny and a letter from a family friend back at home!

This was one of the final pages! It documents the journey home from Sheffield! and there are pictures of my bare uni room!

I really hope this gives you a taster of how you can document your time at uni! I plan to make a scrapbook for every year spent at uni! I’m looking forward to documenting the future years by collecting things that are important to me! I’d highly recommend doing this as it is a brilliant way of showcasing and keeping things like tickets and receipts and photos which mean a lot to you!

Love C x


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