Sustainable living! Grow your own

At the moment I’m really into the whole sustainable living lifestyle and I’ve actually enjoyed keeping my mums beloved tomato plant alive and kicking and she even returned to see our first teeny tiny baby tom growing! Is it sad that watering and moving a plant excites me? I already know the answer! Let’s just pretend it was a rhetorical question to avoid embarrassment.. So I’ve had this crazy idea of growing a variety of every day herbs whilst I’m at uni! Yes most students probably don’t even find a use for fresh basil, parsley, mint and thyme but I am in the minority and as I always say it’s about the seasoning!! Last week was my mums birthday and one of her friends gave her these two adorable pastel coloured eggs entitled ‘Grow your own’ it’s safe to say the pastel colours had already sold it to me and I scoured the packaging for where to buy these delightful egg/plant delights! I then turned to Pinterest and saw there were posts about people using ordinary eggs shells (that weren’t pretty pastel coloured) to grow herbs! I think it’s a cracking idea! Excuse the eggcelent pun or rather puns! These two obviously belong to my mum but I will definitely be asking my mums friend where she purchased these beauties because I have fallen in love with them! It’s incredibly sustainable as you are even using an egg shell to grow the herbs in whilst they are still immature. I think sustainable living should be more of a big thing and I personally think I’ll find it very rewarding to season my dishes with my own herbs I lovingly grew in my university accommodation! I must admit I’m hoping they have a pastel pink egg/plant that would match beautifully with my duck egg blue and pink colour scheme! So yes, buy yourself some herby seeds and be prepared to spend some TLC and watch your kitchen (or in my case uni room) flourish!


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