The chop 6/7/15

As some of you know I decided to chop off my hair and opt for something completely new and edgy! I think I achieved just that! I’ve had a LOT of different hairstyles and colours over the years and I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the ‘beautiful’ cuts that featured over the last twenty years of my life.. Here goes!

This photo was taken when I was fairly young! I had long straggly but cute blonde hair with a fringe… I still pretty much the look the same despite there being a huge gap between that age and my current age… sigh!

I couldn’t find any photos of an older yet younger me on my computer but next came the ‘goth’ stage in my life where I wore far too much eyeliner and had a very interesting and edgy hair cut!

I outgrew my ‘goth’ stage in life and decided to let my hair grow long! This is my natural hair colour.. also can we take time to appreciate my tan!?!? I wish I could tan like that now! My hair was fairly long at that moment!

Then I got it all chopped off and opted for a shoulder length bob in my natural dark brown colour!

I then grew it back out again.. which wasn’t a brilliant idea as it got super straggly and messy very quickly! I was still all natural up until this point in my life!

Now let’s introduce a full head of highlights and blonde! My 18th was fast approaching and I couldn’t stand my hair so I decided to have highlights and I haven’t looked back! I also had a fringe cut back in!

I kept the fringe but added more browns and coopers into my hair which sort of gave me a gingery/strawberry blonde look for a little while!

Then I went COMPLETELY blonde and grew my hair out, it was almost platinum blonde at times but my hair brows really didn’t match…. awks

I stayed with the blonde but got it chopped and grew the fringe out and had more natural colours put in my hair!

I stayed with the bright blonde but decided to grow it out ever so slightly! I didn’t mind this look!

At uni I stayed with the blonde and light brown highlights throughout first year and this was the result!

And this is my current hair cut… short, fringe and back to brown!!! I’m happy with the outcome! I hope you enjoyed taking a look at some of my hair styles through the years!


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