I’ve officially outgrown my teen years, I’m now in my ‘twenties’ when I was younger the thought of turning twenty seemed monumental. Now I’m facing the next ten years as being a twenty something… So here are a few thoughts a twenty year old female often has!

1. You wonder if you are going to be alone forever.

2. You wonder whether staying in and drinking wine alone is acceptable as going out in the rain is a ‘no’.

3. You question whether a moment on the lips a life time on the hips caused your love handles.

4. Whether a relation with cats is in fact possible

5. Whether you want to settle down and one day have kids..

6. You are glad you’ve seen the back of your teenage years.

7. You have to think about what you ‘want to be when you are older’ because you are NOW older.

9. Whether the quote from 13 going on 30 ‘thirty, flirty and thriving’ is apt (and whether another year older makes you even more charming?

10. Will anyone ever find me attractive or marriageable?