Three simple dishes that are pescatarian and vegetarian friendly!

I’ve been on the look out for some simple, quick and relatively healthy recipes that I can make at university in a limited amount of time! All of which are fairly cheap and do not require too many ‘fancy’ ingredients! However according to an article ‘Pesto’ is the ‘posh’ girls choice of food… I tend to disagree! Pesto is not ‘fancy’ it’s just rather delicious!!!

The first dish was a simple omelette turned frittata! I have a lot of eggs in the fridge, some quorn sausages and some green beans and I decided to throw it altogether to make this tasty protein filled delight! So so quick and simple and definitely a meal I can fall back on at university.

The second dish was a simple quorn curry! I really like this particular recipe and it can be cooked in bulk and then stored in the freezer. All you need is quorn (or meat) red peppers, onion, curry paste or powder, greek yogurt and cream if you find it isn’t creamy enough! I tend to serve mine with pilau rice.

The third and final dish was pescatarian friendly (but I make the same recipe with quorn pieces) To make it just stir together creme fraiche and pesto, add your ‘meat’ or substitute for meat, add a handful of cherry tomatoes and choose some form of carbs to absorb the sauce! I didn’t add any carbs to this one as I had cooked a fair amount of calamari and felt it wasn’t necessary!

So there we have it! Three simple uni friendly recipes that taste amazing!!!!


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