Two different lives: home and overseas

I often get asked how I cope with being so far away from home by people at university who live relatively close to their families. The answer is simple if you don’t bite the bullet and go you’ll never know! I was of course hesitant when I packed all my worldly goods into suitcases and boxes and travelled over seas but I’m so so so glad I did. Yes it can get rather confusing because in one sense you are living two different lives, both lives resume as the plane touches down in either place! Admittedly it is weird being without your parents and having to be all independent when it comes to travel arrangements and such but it definitely equips you for the ‘real world’. I was not familiar with trains before moving to Sheffield but trains were a necessity in order to get home so I had to quickly become familiar with them! In fact in the first semester I got a train 6 times and fly 6 times so I was quite the traveller and became very familiar with Manchester train station and airport.. oh the perks of living overseas!

This might sound crazy to you but life at home is completely different to my life in the UK, home is very much a bubble and I wouldn’t say I had truly lived till my bubble was burst (that happened when I moved away!) It was only when I experienced life in the UK and compared it to my life at home I could see the differences! Struggles at home seemed nothing in comparison to the struggles people faced in Sheffield. Someone who says they are on their last fiver in the UK most likely only have a fiver to their name and that’s the harsh reality unlike GY! I love both lives for different reasons! Yes my university life is fun, exciting and challenging and my life at home is stable, consistent and loving! I think it’s somewhat hard for students who don’t live in the same country as their university friends because it costs a lot to fly back and forth! Flights are not cheap, its expensive to get off the rock! It’s difficult to stay in contact when you have two phones *am I seriously moaning about having two iphones I do apologise- fyi not bragging* but facetime is never as good as face to face encounters! I’m wondering how I’m going to cope in the summer without my lovely friends who I see daily! It’s going to be a challenge with one thing and another.

The purpose of this post was to kind of discuss the challenges of living abroad and maintaining relationships whilst you’re out of the country! Let me tell you it’s hard! People live all over the country and in some cases all over the world! It’s difficult to stay in contact with people from your ‘other life’ whilst your frantically living the other one! I guess I’m lucky because in one sense I just pick mine up from where I left it and carry on! Then I hop back on a plane and pick the other one up from where I left it and so on! I guess I sometimes forget I come from overseas because it’s easy to just focus on one life and not the other! This was a somewhat rambly post but I feel like I ought to talk about home life and uni life so it isn’t so one sided! I’m home for easter so I shall endeavour to blog about my home adventures!


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