Up to date: June Favourites!

I’ve done one of these before but I think I skipped May favourites… oops let’s just roll with it and pretend I didn’t! I quite enjoyed thinking about what things I’m loving this month… so here we go!!!

I am loving wine, particularly red wine. I’ve got a BIG thing for red wine. Those bottles were not consumed in one night just so you all know! Wine, yes wine it’s an absolute winner!

I have a secret addiction to TLC, and I’ve recently discovered this hilarious bridal programme which just makes me and my mum laugh at how god awful some of the dresses are and how awkward bridesmaids and mums are! It’s addictive, amusing and highly recommended if you just want a laugh…

MEAT, give me all the meat in the world pronto… After many years spent as a vegetarian I branched out and decided that I’d end my years as a vegetarian which means I’M LOVING MEAT. Oh my word burgers are incredible, chicken is amazing and well bacon!? Don’t get me started :O


Red dresses! This beauty was from ASOS, it’s bright, flattering, figure hugging and fabulous! It also really compliments my short hair! I love it!!!


These sparkly laceless pumps which are super sparkly and super cheap! They go with a lot of my clothes and just jazz up an outfit!


This amazing invention that I found in waitrose is definitely a June favourite! It tastes so good! I always have the cheap Aldi branded version for my breakfast at uni… This stuff is amazingly good!


And finally but definitely not least! My frozen themes pjs from Primark! They are super comfy, cosy and sweet! I love pjs, Disney and frozen! So what could be better!?

So there we have it, some of my monthly faves for June! What are your faves?

Love C xo

PS Thank you all soooo much for making me feel so very welcome on wordpress! I’m super happy I made the move 😀


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