What I miss when I’m overseas at university!

When I’m not at university I spend the rest of my time on my sunny little island off the coast of France! It’s very quaint, quiet and picturesque! So here is a blog post about what I miss about Guernsey whilst I’m studying overseas!

  • I miss seeing the sea every day when I wake up! I’m not a ‘beach babe’ if that’s what you want to call it but never the less I have to admit the view from our house is beautiful and we overlook all the other little islands and on very fine days we can even see the coast of France! My view at university isn’t quite as picturesque (note sarcasm) and if only it was half as pretty as my view from home!
  • I miss my family! It can sometimes be quite tough being so far away from the ones you love and it’s only in emergencies you realise the distance between you and them! We are a very close family so I regularly facetime my parents and whatsapp family members but it’s never quite the same!
  • I miss my Mums home cooking, I miss having flavoursome foods and in general I just miss having someone cook for me! I won’t lie to you.. cooking for yourself every day is tedious and I now realise why somedays my Mum just didn’t want to cook when I look back!
  • I miss my two babies (cats) who I love dearly! I love to have cuddles with Bella and Fizz often gives me cuddles as well! They are always wandering around the house and making their presence known and to be quite honest I miss it!
  • I miss fresh seafood, the seafood at home is amazing and fresh and such good quality! At university I’m yet to find a good seafood restaurant! I love getting moules and frites and looking out of the window onto the sandy beaches.
  • I miss having quality cocktails at local cocktail bars at home! Yes they are expensive but they are tasty and amazing and worth the money!
  • I miss the sunshine! Home is considerably warmer and it’s considerably sunnier so I miss the sun because it’s not often that sunny in the north unfortunately!
  • I miss cars, its only when you come home you realise how cars are actually luxury items!
  • I definitely miss someone doing my laundry for me, I generally took my mum for granted… I had no idea how tedious washing clothes was..
  • I miss our favourite local restaurants as they are quite quirky and independent from the typical UK chain of restaurants.

There we have it! Those are some of the things I miss when I’m at university, I’ll have another post about things I miss when I’m home at some point!


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