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Fathers day.

Tomorrow is fathers day! A day to celebrate all fathers who are here physically and those who are here in memory! It’s a day where fathers are given more presents and cards and where families typically eat together and celebrate the day as one! For some people however tomorrow is going to prove challenging. Not all of us are blessed with both sets of parents and it’s a bitter sweet reminder of our loss! I however am blessed with my father! Yes we bicker and fall out because we are far too similar and get on each others nerves but I know he would do absolutely anything for me. I am his little girl, and he will always feel the need to protect me… that’s a fathers role!

I marked mothers day with a blog post meaning it is only fair and just that I mark fathers day with a post! So here is to (hopefully) a good day and year to you Dad! Here’s hoping things get easier and less complicated along the way! Here’s hoping for good health and well being, for treasured memories, genuine laughter and warm loving hugs! Although I’m not always here you mean an awful lot to me and you know that! So father dearest… Happy Fathers Day to you! Enjoy your annual day of being honoured as a father and I hope you appreciate the small gift and handmade card I’ll be giving you tomorrow morning πŸ™‚


Happy Fathers day Daddio!

Love Char xxx


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