20 struggles of a twenty year old female in 2015

It’s 2015, surely this should mean our struggles should be subsiding as things advance? Surely life must be getting easier what with mentions of casual trips to space, robot waiters and the long anticipated cure for cancer… little things should not mean a lot. I’m a twenty year old female who can perfect winged eyeliner on one eye but not the other, I can get one side of my hair on point but not the other and I can paint my nails… but not without getting varnish all over my fingers… These are genuine struggles, maybe not massive struggles but sometimes these small minute (what seems insignificant) can really bring a girl down and here’s just a few of the struggles I and you face as a female in 2015!

  1. THE DREADED BIKINI… now you’ve all probably seen the famous line… to be bikini ready you just put on a bikini and go show what you got! Which is true, I’m definitely one who encourages body positivism… but I know for a fact that bikini’s terrify me… what if they see my tum wobble, my thighs jiggle and those stretch marks that I got from growing far too quickly? Just like what if! I’ve tried them all… bikini, tankini and a full blown swim suit… my struggles have not got any easier. I just don’t know the answer.. maybe I need to down some caribbean rum and show my tum? Who knows, who knows!
  2. Shaving… is such a chore! I watched a buzzfeed video where a bunch of people didn’t shave for a month.. it didn’t appeal to me. The hairy look isn’t a look I want to follow. Shaving is without doubt a massive pain and don’t I wish there was a magic pill to remove all unwanted body hair (not my eye brows or eyelashes though those are cool) I’m too much of a wuss to wax… no way hosay! So I’ll continue to shave and moan whilst doing it and continue to insist my friends feel my smooth and silky legs!!!
  3. Hunger or boredom? This is a MASSIVE problem. We all know eating out of boredom does no favours for our waistlines or the number on the scales… You’d think we know when we are genuinely hungry by now. It’s not like we are truly starving… surely we can’t be hungry after going out for tapas with friends and dips and chips with another friend in the evening?
  4. Achieving the perfect selfie… I’m a selfie whore. I’m not going to deny that I have FAR too many photos of myself on my phone…. don’t get me started on my laptop *I’m not vain honest* we all know the most flattering angle is from above… instantly slimming, attractive and exactly on point! BUT do we smile? do we grin? pout like a fish? or maybe, just maybe we should make a peace sign and pretend we just got back from a yoga session and pose with a green juice to not only make it instagram worthy but also tumblr, snapchat & a potential blog post? Yes without a doubt… WHAT EXPRESSION DO WE PULL GIRLS HELP!?!
  5. Following on from the selfie….. now comes the filter! ‘So I’m posting a summer selfie which means I need to increase saturation, hmmm b/w is out because I want to show off that tan! I kind of want to look natural so maybe this one… mmm second thoughts no! Tango look is not cool Char… oh that one. That is the one. Posts the picture… looks back at it and wishes I went with mayfair instead of aden FML.
  6. Nails… I struggle with biting my nails. It makes me sad to say that but IT DID GET BETTER. It got a lot better than law school shenanigans got in the way like exams and I turned into a nervous wreck, then I went home… failed to secure a paid job and my nails have been at the receiving end (in a bad kind of way) it’s hard to maintain perfect nails. When my nails were long they’d then just literally tear off when they got to a certain length. Sigh the struggle is real… it’s either all or nothing when it comes to my nails anyway!
  7. Deciding to cancel meeting up with a friends because of the weather is a very realistic concept for many a girl. What is the attraction of dressing up nicely only to get soaking wet, wet hair and a very soggy bag! None what so ever… however some may think people like us are wimps of society BUT NO we are the sensible realists who know wet evening on the town are NEVER enjoyable *thinking back to the time I wore a white see through blouse in the rain.. hi boobs!
  8. Frozen yogurt just doesn’t taste as good as icecream. It saddens me to say this but the awful, cream filled, calorific paste tastes nothing like frozen yogurt. It’s a real struggle. It’s much more acceptable to eat a whole tub of frozen yogurt than it is to devour a tub of haegen or B&J… the waistline screams but the heart says yes one more scoop, one more mouthful… SIGH.
  9. Heels- yes they are pretty, elongate your legs and make you look instantly sexier but the pain… is it really worth it! I’ve discovered platforms are the way to go but they don’t quite give that sexy leg look that stilettos give you… oh the problems are real! Also quite a lot of men are shorter… I’m lucky mine isn’t short and I can wear heels but boy they hurt my feet and the blisters I’ve received, the days where I haven’t been able to walk without nearly crying from the pain I’ve endured by wearing those damn beautiful shoes *goes out the following week, wears the same darn shoes*
  10. Life is getting increasingly serious.. people are getting older, getting more serious about everything! Some of my friends have actual real jobs already! I’m still clinging onto my ‘school year’ aka uni where life isn’t quite as serious and grown up… I’ll give you the verdict on my second year of law school soon enough! Some people my age have more than 1 child… like what… I can’t even remember to refill my cats water bowl at time *thankfully my mother is on the ball!*
  11. Growing up. When you hit 21 people treat you differently, you become this responsible role model in society who cannot get ridiculously drunk and must behave appropriately *try* all the time! There’s no justification for wild antics.
  12. People younger than me look older than me. How is this possible. I was born in 1994, you were born in like 2005 how can you look older than me? How can you be trying on wedding dresses and how can you possibly have such an enviable womanly figure at such an age! When is my bum going to come into force? Like seriously what is going on. Times have changed. Things have changed A LOT. 10 years old are more like 17 years olds these days sighhh
  13. I love cats, but this doesn’t mean I want to be a crazy cat lady who spends her life alone with a gazillion cats. Please no. I love my feline friends an awful lot but I don’t want to be a crazy cat lady. Please no. So don’t be put off by my love for cats, you will be my main love my dear!
  14. Salad or fries- one of life’s hardest choices! ‘A moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips’ but salad won’t bring you happiness either. It will make the numbers on the scale potentially nicer maybe? FRIES THOUGH… that struggle is so bloody real girls!
  15. Should I buy an educational book or should I buy that super cute dress? One of my biggest struggles, saying no to clothes, trying to stop myself from clicking that check out button on ASOS is hard work. On one hand that book will be useful for a couple of months and it was on the recommended reading list BUT that dress would look super cute with those shoes and would match my handbag and I could wear it to so and so’s party! *Clicks the button* sorry law book…
  16. Should I be all domesticated and cook but it’s a tuesday… DOMINOES! and then think about it Char you’d have two days worth of meals 2 pizza’s for half price win win. Think of that garlic & herb dip. Don’t be a fool.
  17. I’ll only have one drink- said no one ever. You say one thing, you do the other, never promise to just have one drink you will never ever stick to your promise girls!
  18. Finding clumps of your hair in the carpet… your hoover doesn’t approve. We like to look good, we like to spend time faffing about trying to perfect our hair and makeup! My hair falls out A LOT. I spend a lot of time trying to hoover my carpet only to discover half of my hair is apparently on the floor… nice… CLASSY CHAR!
  19. Bed hair. It’s a big struggle of mine, I only need to rub my head against a pillow and bam I look like a wild animal ready to pounce… I’ve now got a fringe… which means it’s only going to get worse….
  20. And finally AVOCADOS. I love avocado, I’d happily eat them raw and by themselves BUT finding the perfect avocado is hard work, it’s either not ready to eat or to past it to try. Why oh why is it so hard to find a shop that can give me my perfect avocado!!!

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