Kitting out my new university room!

As I may have previously mentioned I am moving into my new university house in less than two weeks! I’m a typical girl… colour schemes are a BIG thing to a girl and I got fed up of my white, duck egg blue and pink colour scheme! This time round I’m opting for grey, blue and yellow! Yes it might sound an interesting combination but I think they compliment each other quite nicely! I’m clearly getting older… my twenty first is fast approaching and home wear is one of my loves in life! I cannot wait to truly grow up and to decorate my house… let me at it! I don’t normally do these kind of posts but I’ve decided to branch out with the help of pinterest to show you what kind of ideas I’m going for! The room itself is extremely neutral with white walls and a rather plush think grey carpet so I felt a pop of colour was needed in order to make it come alive and here’s how I’m hoping to achieve just that!

Comfort is a HUGE thing… and I spend a lot of time studying so a comfy and cosy seat is a must! This cube bean bag chairs are comfy, attractive and useful! I aim to get it in grey!

I’ve see a yellow free standing light like the one shown in the image which will bring a very modern element into the room making it contemporary and cool! It also adds a huge pop of colour!
As the carpet is grey, I feel it’s vital that I brighten up the carpet with a bright yellow rug which will act as a centre piece of sorts!
This is a framed print (in yellow ofc…) that my parents got me from Not on the highstreet! It’s apt, amusing and matches my colour scheme!
This duvet set is very simple, it’s grey with fabric bobbles but I plan to have accent cushions (which you will see in a moment) with a bright yellow throw which will act as a runner over the bed! This is from John Lewis!
A throw very similar to the one in the picture will be draped over my bed!
I have recently bought some artwork which is A2 sized and is in a black frame waiting to hang on my wall… I wish I could show you it but I’m not sure who reads this blog and it could potentially spoil the surprise for someone! *cough Will* it’s large, bright and very apt!
This is one of my accent cushions! It’s mustard yellow with honey bees embroidered onto it with white piping!
This cushion was made into order to raise money for a local charity (we sponsor a family in Kagera through the Tumaini fund) The photo doesn’t exactly do this cushion justice but it’s yellow, blue and grey with a few other accent colours! You will be able to see it better in a future room tour blog post!
This cushion is adorable and will most probably sit on my desk chair just to add a touch of cuteness to it! I love hedgehogs making this self explanatory! Once again the colours aren’t really doing this justice!
This cushion was an absolute bargain buy! It was found in the reduced section in a local shop back at home! It’s hard to tell but it’s grey, blue and yellow!
I’m an island girl, I live by the sea! These fairy lights are fun (have pops of the right colour and remind me of the sea) They are from not on the highstreet!
I plan to print some of my photos out as polaroids and use little cute funky pegs to attach them to my wall!

Family members also want to buy me bits for my birthday which means I’ll have lots of bits and pieces (in the right colour scheme of course) which I am yet to know about! This is my plan anyway! I shall definitely do a full blog post on my room when it is up and running! I hope you enjoyed having a look at what I’ve got and stay tuned to see how it turns out!

Love C xo


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