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St Maartens

We all know Mondays are the worst of the worst, so I felt it was only apt to make a Monday more bearable by dreaming of exotic holidays destinations, some that I’ve already visited and others that I want to visit in the future! They will be pretty heavily picture based! I thought I’d start with one of the Caribbean Islands. The Caribbean Islands differ quite a bit which you will be able to see throughout this ‘Travel Monday’ series! The first port of call is St Maarten’s!

This was the sight we had when we came into St Maarten’s. It was very green and hilly and reminded me of St Lucia!

As you may be able to see the sea is incredibly blue and it really looks like an undisturbed paradise in the middle of the sea!
We docked and had to get a smaller boat to the town! I absolutely loved how colourful everything was!
This is St Maartens port!
St Maartens colourful port!
St Maartens main street, it had higher end boutique stores and the Caribbean is known for its diamonds! There were famous kind of restaurants and shops like Mac most probably there for the tourists benefit!
The main street was incredibly colourful and vibrant!
Look at that sea, it was incredible! Also I think that is the prettiest police station I have ever seen! What a view from the office!
This was one of the smaller streets in the capital! As you can see it is still very colourful.
This was the beach where we spent many happy hours lying in the sun and swimming in the sea!
That is where we went swimming before we had to get back on our smaller boat to get back to our ship!

St Maarten’s was incredibly beautiful, it was dominated by tourists, it’s a very simple but beautiful life and I would highly recommend visiting this gorgeous island if you are given the opportunity!

Love C xo


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