Roll it in glitter, make it look pretty!

It’s a Thursday morning, I’m still jobless and moneyless. I’m feeling a tad lost, I just want cuddles and I have a million chores to do today. It’s all sh*ts and giggles. I really could just eat a huge bar of chocolate but then there’s this whole ‘moment on the lips, lifetime on the hips’ malarkey. Give me strength. We often blog about pretty, exciting and fun things but is our life really like our blog posts and instagram feed I ask you?

My instagram feed consists of far flung holiday destinations, what appear to be sophisticated evenings with wine… no comment, delicious food, living the perfect life whilst I lye on my sun bed and complain about tan lines, partying, selfies #SorryNotSorry and cats 😉 I’m one cool girl I know! Yes I did bake a cake but it has a filter and it’s an arty farty angle… Yes I did go there but the saturation has been majorly turned up, yes I do like to go out.. and no the night doesn’t ever end like that and I can only dream to look like that by the end of it. Yes my cat is that bloody gorgeous, FYI I can actually cook and it did look like that and it also tasted amazing (hate to blow my own trumpet so to speak but…) Oh I know I live on a beautiful island (I moan about it but it is gorgeous) so I’m going to spam you all with pictures with the hashtag #perksoflivingabroad *insert that peace out emoji right here*

It’s about making people envious of our life… What isn’t shown? Tears, sickness, au natural selfies, bog standard staying at home in pjs days, hangovers, moments where your head is in the bucket of shame and regrets. That crap isn’t insta worthy. It isn’t snapchat worthy let alone insta! What if someone unfollows you because you didn’t post a perfect avocado with smoked salmon with a poached egg for your breakfast!?!? THIS IS A REAL PROBLEM RIGHT? We can’t risk losing followers, it’s all about those followers, followers! It’s all about having the highest number of followers, likes, comments and so forth. The point of this post is that anything can look pretty, sparkly and eye catching when it’s rolled in glitter. Crap can look pretty if it’s rolled in glitter (filters, photoshop, photo editors and so forth) it’s easy to become envious of peoples so called perfect lives, it’s easy to hate at people who seem to lead the definition of a perfect life.. Folks just remember instagram and blogs are a fabulous thing but it can at times just be an optical illusion, it’s not real real life. It’s about choosing what aspects you want to include. You can glitter coat it to the extreme if you really want to. Don’t get sucked into a superficial world. Stay real, stay true and just be you! (Apologies for the cheese)

Love C xo


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