Go on… Be happy!

As the title suggests ‘don’t worry be happy’  I feel like this is a post that many girls will relate to. The world is obsessed with losing weight, being healthy, looking fake and not staying true to ourselves! We are bombarded with photoshopped images of women and men which just fill our minds with unrealistic perspectives of people. It’s true that no ones skin can be that flawless, no one can be truly perfect from head to toe and no one can truly have the ideal measurements of hip to waist ratio. As a child, barbie was a huge part of my life but if the measurements on a barbie doll were to be applied to a real women she would not be able to walk and would have to walk on all fours and there would not be enough room for her vital organs! We were bought up loving these beautiful dolls covered in makeup, wearing lavish clothes and high heels with insanely pert boobs and legs to die for…

Oh of course I was going to be gravely disappointed that I was not going to have such a figure and such a tiny little waist! From a young child I was surrounded by different people’s  perception on beauty. Thin was always in. The popular girls at primary school with their toned stomachs and tiny cocktail stick legs with their thick healthy glossy hair were the cream of the crop. Not a lot has changed. The fat are shamed, the thin are praised. It’s such a warped concept. I’ve struggled, we’ve all struggled! We all have days where we dread looking at ourselves in the mirror, when we’ve broken out, indulged a tad too much and our waistband is getting gradually tighter by the day! We all have days where we feel utter repulsive and disgusting and just want to hide under our duvets! We are only human. Men get this too, I can tell you that for certain. We all have bits of us we are not proud of. I often find myself apologising about my arms or my thighs saying ‘ignore my awk arms or huge thighs’. It’s kind of sad we put each other down. When you think about it we are all pretty damn amazing!  We are all gifted and talented. We all possess beauty, it’s within all of us. I often say you can be a beautiful person on the outside but if I doesn’t burn on the inside what is the point! We spend too long hating on ourselves, we don’t praise and compliment enough, so when we are complimented we cannot simply handle it! We are all beautiful. I spent years battling with myself, trying to be someone else, truly believing that if I wasn’t to change I would never be considered as loveable or beautiful. I didn’t fit society’s ideology and therefore I was insignificant and shouldn’t be cared about. I spent years watching what I ate, cycling for obscene amounts of time and other stupidity. What was it for? Did it bring me happiness? Did it make me beautiful and appealing? Did it heck! It made me miserable, broken and hurting. It destroyed me from the inside out. Avoiding fat didn’t make me look like a Victoria secrets model, it made me sickly and weak. Exercising didn’t make me toned it made me obsessive, achey and sick. Diets made me feel faint, fatigued and grouchy. It didn’t make me a better person. It still wouldn’t satisfy societies ideology of perfection.


You know the happiest day of my life came when I learnt that crap like that was only superficial. It didn’t mean anything. It only held me back and took away the beauty of life. Food wasn’t the enemy, exercise could be enjoyable and life was most importantly fun. The number shining back at me did not define my worth, my beauty could not be defined by a number and I was sure as hell not going to comply with unrealistic ideology. Food was enjoyable! We all struggle. The best piece of advice I can offer you is to stay true, be yourself, love yourself, respect and honour yourself. You are worth a whole lot more than you could ever imagine. So wear a damn bikini if you want, show those pasty thighs and bare your arms. Do not fall victim to warped ideologies. Just go on and be happy! Spread the body confidence love, stop the body hating! And most importantly be happy within yourself! I hope this acts as a reminder that you are beautiful and incredible and you do not need to change for anything or anyone.

Love C xo


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