This is a very casual, light and airy outfit! My jeggings are from United Colours of Beneton, my shirt is large and oversized from Primark! It’s black with bright patterns! It’s quite cool and vibrant (probably why I like it) One foot looks white the other looks black… both are very tanned it’s just the sunlight that makes them look crazy different to each other!
Add a pair of cheap summer sandals from Primark! They are tan, comfy, light and cheap… not much else to add!
I painted my toes and nails with Maybelline’s Rose Salsa 490 (which was a combination of red and pink… basically a coral then Charrr!
So there we have it a super simple, comfy yet cool outfit that is suitable for the summer months! My hair is simply secured with a chinese looking clip adding to the general vibe!

I hope you enjoyed this super quick, not exactly your normal OOTD… I’ll never master them!!! Until next time

Love C xo