Charlotte: the former vegetarian

I was a vegetarian. Was. I am no longer a vegetarian. After spending years of my life avoiding the meaty stuff I broke. I knew it was getting bad when I found myself eating my former flat mates pea and ham Heinz soup and we all know that stuff isn’t that appealing. There I was sat in my small halls room surrounded by boxes, eating soup out of a mug which had bits of floating ‘ham’ in… tad strange for a ‘vegetarian’ BUT she surrendered (she is me.. I just like to be dramatic) and gave up the veggie lifestyle for chicken smothered in chinese sauce! Yes that’s what broke me.

Chinese smothered chicken. I cannot exactly tell you why I broke my vowel for that but I did so there’s not much more to add. My life since that day has been incredible, I’ve had bacon sandwiches, burgers, sausages, salami, prosciutto, chorizo, chicken and so much more! My taste buds are rejoicing. I would be lying if I was to say I’d opt for a veggie burger over a normal burger any day. I must have tried every veggie burger in Sheffield, I tried to jazz it up with guacamole, salsa, sour cream.. basically I tried condiments of every kind… and my flatmates wondered why my cupboards were stocked full of condiments! Quorn needs some flavour guys come on! and don’t even get me started on quorn style ‘facon’ fyi that’s fake bacon to those who struggle to get to grips with my rambling! When we went out for meals, I was limited to the same bloody awful choices mostly veggie burgers. I never want to see another veggie burger ever. Ever. Goodbye you tasteless soggy mess on a plate, you shan’t be missed. What really cracks people up is that I didn’t go veggie for ethical reasons, I went vegetarian for *in hindsight* stupid reasons which were illogical… I may one day feel brave enough to bring up that elephant in this metaphorical room… Maybe. So yes, Charlotte the former vegetarian who was a bit of a fool is less foolish now and enjoys bacon and cheese burgers immensely. Meat makes her incredibly happy. I would totally accept my vegetarianism if it was for legitimate reasons but it was not. In actual fact my body wanted meat a long time ago… I just didn’t listen to it’s cries. I’m a narna I know. I’m not sure what the purpose of this post was? All I do know there were some perks of being veggie! There was less calories in most ready meals and it was high in protein. I was a bit of a weird vegetarian because I hates beans and pulses oh and nuts. I know. I’m so contrary. On a good note this new meat eating Charlotte is an easier person to be with, her diet isn’t so bloody limited and her body is enjoying meat a LOT. Charlotte was a former vegetarian. Charlotte is no longer a vegetarian and she and all those she is closest to are extremely happy about this.


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