My childhood bedroom tour

I am getting ready to head back to the UK very soon and I felt that it was time to go through my ‘childhood’ bedroom and to box away some of my childhood clutter! I have gathered an array of sentimental things over the years, stuff that I don’t want to part with but no longer want on display! If I had my way nothing would be on display and it would all be happily boxed and not gathering dust but my mum encouraged me to keep a few bits of ‘childhood reminders’ around my room because after all “this is your childhood bedroom” So without further a do I thought I’d share with you my bedroom back home in Guernsey!

This is my dressing table! On top sits a rather large gold framed mirror with some of my knickknacks! On the far left I have a wooden carved giraffe that I’ve had forever, next I have a perfume bottle that was too pretty to throw away, some me to you teddies from various occasions, a glass jewellery box which houses my day to day jewellery! Yet another me to you teddy wearing a pink coat, a shot glass with a glittery 18 and a flower and another teddy (which is blue) representing my birth month, a pink and purple sheep money box and my vintage looking cream lamp!
A close up of my clutter!
This vintage cream dresses with painted on roses sits next to my dressing table and this houses all my jewellery and below are a pile of jack wills boxes that I’ve hoarded…
My bed… obviously a very important part of a bedroom! The bed spread and pillow cases are from Cath Kidston, the turquoise pillows are from local stores, the pink one is years and years old and Olaf isn’t from my childhood (rather from my twenties!)
Most of my decorative items are boxed in keep sake boxes but there are a few which are still out! The top two rows are animal ornaments which belonged to my mum when she was younger, the third row houses a brass frog and a steel reindeer! Fourth shelf has a pair of dolphins I purchased from St Malo, followed by a sheep from a gift shop in sark and yet another dolphin bought in the aquarium in France! Fifth shelf has a storage pot bought from Disney Land, a forever friend hedgehog figurine, a hedgehog bought from a gift shop in the lake district, a bell from castle cornet, an owl which I weirdly just love and finally the sixth shelf has a wooly sheep from sark, another forever friends bear, a whale magnet photo holder from the maldives and another forever friend figurine!
Next up is my book shelf! I have my disney books, rabbit book series, Beatrice Potter books, little bible book collection, some Jacqueline Wilson books that wouldn’t fit on the other shelf, a random metal cat, some of my mums prize giving books from when she was little, a smarties jokebook which I loved, some classics like Narnia, a few new ones like mealtimes and milestones, monkey taming and a few about XLP who work with deprived youths in london to stop them joining gangs! Oh I also have a retro looking mini jukebox!
On the next shelf I have some of my old favourite childrens books which you can’t really see followed by a few others and then the rest are Jacqueline Wilson. The bottom shelf houses my 18th memory box, a bongo drum, a glass house with some stones from a volcano and a photoframe!
Finally we have my rocking chair covered in a patchwork quilt with a few super old cushions and I have an angel figurine and two sets of russian dolls along with a Beatrice Potter coaster!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look around my room! Incase you were wondering where my wardrobes are I have a dressing room which houses all of that lovely stuff and more! It’s quite a nice room to sleep in when I’m back home during the holidays! Stay tuned for a new uni room tour which will be coming soon!

Love C xo


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