Some summer struggles that we all face…

We all love the sun, well most of us do, we love to look glowing and healthy, laying under it’s rays with a nice cold refreshing beverage or two… BUT without doubt there are a fair few summer struggles which we all have to endure in these fine months and here are just a few!

TANLINES! what is it with tumblr posts? I was scrolling through trying to find a gif to do with tan lines and everything that I came across made it sound like they were the best thing since sliced bread? Erm sorry. What exactly is appealing about having striped legs? Nothing absolutely nothing. This is one summer struggle we all face.
Freckles face! I get insanely freckly in the sun, some think it’s a cute look, I just think it makes me look even younger than I already look! It might be a cute thing but it is skin damage at the end of the day… awkward!

Tanned front of legs… pasty white from the back! It’s so hard to achieve an overall perfect tan front and back don’t you agree?
The sun bleaches your hair… in this photo I look ginger, my hair colour is going more and more ginger looking as the days go by. Some may love this, other may hate it, either way it’s a summer struggle we face!
Trying to eat ice cream before it melts in the sun… this has always been one of my biggest struggles! hence why I always opt for a tub.. but somehow it still drips absolutely everywhere! sigh.
When you got too hot but the sea is too cold and would do more than cool you down… oh yes doesn’t the sea look beautiful? Doesn’t it look nice and refreshing? (only if you are wearing a wetsuit/don’t feel the cold.. Yes I’m hot, but I’m not stupid. I guess a luke warm shower will suffice!
The desire to wear sunglasses but the fear of having two white patchy circles where your glasses sit. Yes it’s happened to us all.
The beach, we love it but at the same time we hate going home with sandy feet. What is the attraction of sand between your toes I ask and for a sandy car? None what so ever.
Alcohol, wanting to drink alcohol but risking the chance of dehydration… maybe we should stick to non alcoholic? Yeah right

Oh boy oh boy, we face a lot of struggles during those summer months don’t we?



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