Summer days

We all long for fine summer days, the crystal clear blue waters, the cloudless skies, the gentle but sweet kisses exchanged on summer galavants and the suns rays which shine down upon our bodies to make them glow. Summer is often associated with love and prosper, fun and frolics,

being careless and free, chilled and relaxed. Those are just a few words that sum up these extra special months. Summer is full of adventures, dreams and hopes. The summer months make everything feels attainable. Life is beautiful in the summer. Everything is alive and flourishing. The birds are soaring, the bees are buzzing, the children are laughing, the young ones, the middle ones and the old are deep in love embracing that summer loving. The barbeques are smoking, the meat is cooking, the wine is pouring and I have a strong urge to say the old man is snoring… Well he could be napping in his hammock in the sun! It’s a beautiful sight. watching the waves lapping at the shore. So step out of your doors, witness the marvellous world that is yours and my home. Appreciate the small things, the mighty ants carrying bits of sandwich that you dropped, butterflies fluttering in the breeze, bees bringing life to our gardens and providing us with sustenance. It’s a beautiful world out there. Summer is a welcomed gift.


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