Happy first of July! <3

tumblr_nqssvucaDs1u7e3iuo1_1280Morning my lovelies, today marks the first of a new month! This month is going to be a good month! In three days I’m heading back home to the rolling hills of south Yorkshire to move into my lovely new house! I get to see Will and my friends which is very exciting! The weather has been absolutely beautiful and it’s set to continue which means beautiful sunny days spent with my nearest and dearest in Sheffield and down south! We have a lot of plans for this month! This month my sweet Mum turns the big five zero! Which means there are presents to buy and parcels to wrap! I’m spending the whole of July in the UK and I shall be returning back to Guernsey some time in August! My Mum is actually away during her birthday so we shall be celebrating the big occasion when we are both back on our little sunny island!

Me and Will have decided that we want to go on an adventure, it’s all too easy to be sucked into the humdrum of every day life and not to find time to explore the country we live in! So that is our plan! We aim to explore and marvel at some of the beautiful sights which are literally on our door step! One way to achieve this is to go geocaching! I love geocaching, we used to go back home in Guernsey with my parents! The concept is remarkably simple, you download an app which tells you roughly where the sandwich boxes or hiding places are and once you find it you mark that cach off and you leave a little message and can either take something from the box or leave something in the box! It’s a very cute and fun thing to do because it’s also free and you can pretty much go geocaching world wide!

This is an example of what a geocache looks like, they are hidden in various places, varying from simple to hard! I’d definitely recommend it if you get the chance!

I’m also incredibly lucky that I live so close to the Peak District which is beautiful and quite literally on my door step! So we want to explore the beautiful peaks! I’ve visited several of the adorable little villages in the peaks like Bakewell (where we tried a traditional Bakewell pudding which was delicious! If you get the chance to try it definitely don’t turn it down!

This is one of my favourite photos that I took when visiting the Peak District!
Here’s the delicious establishment where my parents and I purchased a Bakewell Pudding!

Oh but it doesn’t stop there! Will suggested about taking his tent so we’d camp (he’d be in charge of the manly things because he’s good with that) and I can bring all my cute Cath Kidston melamine stuff which would be ideal, I am fully prepared for this! We can also drink wine out of plastic wine glasses and enjoy the beautiful scenery and weather together! What’s not to love about this adorable idea? Absolutely nothing.

credit goes to tumblr!

So I’m in charge of the food items which means wine, houmous with crisps, a selection of cold meats like chorizo, cheese.. cheese is always good, some snacky bits and maybe a few other beverages? Who knows. It’s going to be fun. I even have an adorable strawberry patterned flask and melamine bowls and plates and tumblers! I’m so prepared for this… have to make it girly some how don’t I?!

Hopefully there won’t be any bears to spoil my snapchat/instagram/blog worthy feast… (I’m well aware there’s no bears… I just likes the image apologies)

So that is part of our plan! He’s also mentioned about visiting Stonehenge which sounds really cool and interesting! I’m a bit of geek… I like learning about history and visiting historical sights! I like to learn and I like taking photographs so that sounds ideal to me. I’m a bit of a history geek… #SorryNotSorry!

I might not quite get such a magnificent photograph but nevertheless it will be fun and it will be another sort of adventure!

One of my rather silly requests was to play crazy golf! I love doing things like that… I’m a bit of a big kid to be quite honest! I already know I’ve lost… It’s a given but there’s a place in Sheffield which has a pretty cool course the only problem is that it is inside!? Maybe that will be a good thing when it’s 30 degrees outside!

I just liked this for some reason, probably for it’s girly elements and incorporating golf? Yes probably!

London calling! we also plan to visit London, visit some museums… both as bad as each other to be quite honest! London is lovely in the sun so that is always a good thing! We can simply just hop on the train.. it’s literally that simple! London never gets old!


So yes! Those are some of our plans for July! What are your plans for this fabulous month?

Love C xo


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