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I’m wrecking a journal, maybe you should do it to?

I have owned a Wreck this Journal for quite a little while! However with Law I don’t often have a lot of time to doodle, collect dead bugs and take journals for walks… Yes it’s in the book! However now it’s the summer months which means I’m technically free and I’ve come to the end of Thrones… but that needs a whole entire post to itself! One think I enjoy doing is being creative and as the famous quote says

To create is to destroy

I’ll be jumping on the Breaking Bad bandwagon (can we all appreciate that alliteration) but when I’m not glued to a screen flying through yet another series/finishing off birthday presents and going on adventures I might do some more wrecking! I’ve done several of the pages and felt like it might be cool to show you my ideas? I like to be original hence why I wear yellow and blue cloud trainers and clash it with cerise pink… Oh hell I do! So here’s my version of a wreck this journal… GO!

This was inspired by one of my favourite artists; Stella Vine! Who paints imperfect images of celebrities. I absolutely love her style and a lot of my A Level work was inspired by her work!
I’m not one for touching bugs, let alone dead bugs. I’m terrified of things like that but I like chocolate… and doodling and cutting… πŸ˜‰
Watercolours and gaudy stickers! Inspired by UP.
Caramel Latte and a black sharpie.
Wax sunflowers
Pattered paper chains.
Gel pens, such a 90’s kid.
Take what you need and be on your way…

So there we have it, a delve into the mind of Charlotte who still loves gel pens, doodling, stickers and wax crayons (all brilliant things for a twenty year old to own may I add) So maybe you should wreck a journal if you like the sound/can possibly bare ruining a beautiful book by breaking the spine & going for a shower with it?


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