Thankful Thursday

We all too often get consumed by the every day worries and humdrum of every day life. We don’t always take time to be thankful for the other positive bits of our lives. I aim to make a weekly ‘Thankful Thursday’ because life should never be taken for granted and it is a wonderful wonderful gift that we must treasure with all our might. I’m thankful even if I don’t explicitly state it!

efd9d6696f63a33c754c7d3ae16393e6_largeI am thankful for the beautiful weather, my loving supportive family, Will, my friends, health and wellbeing, my privileged lifestyle, my education, the sounds of the birds tweeting early morning, the beautiful blossoming flowers, my wonderful feline friends, my freedom to express myself as a person, for my perseverance, for the ability to travel to new places, for living on a beautiful island, for being able to have a voice and make a difference, for food on my table, for treasured memories with those who are here and those who are not, for crystal clear waters, for the privilege of not being discriminated against because of my thoughts or religion, for the ability to see the beautiful sights, for the ability to hear the hustle and bustle, for being able to taste delicious seasoned meals, for special offers on tasty red, for the free coffee I pick up from waitrose daily, for a roof above my head both at home and at university, for the endless opportunities I have been given, for my change on outlook of Β life & for safe and clean drinking water that we all take for granted… Those are some of the marvellous things that I am thankful for. I am incredibly blessed. I challenge you all to be thankful, to take time out of our busy lives just to stop and think about all the wonderful things that we are blessed with.

What are you thankful for?

Love C xo


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