Let’s talk about the D word… dating!


Oh how times have changed, our parents are from an entirely different generation to us. In their day and age marriage was almost a given, it was a controversial matter when the unwed resided together or even worse reproduced… If we were to take a Game of Thrones approach to life you my friend would have been a bastard just like Jon Snow. Dating, what a funny old concept, what with friends with benefits, open relationships and a whole other world of relationships that would fall under the ‘it’s complicated’ category on facebook without a doubt! It’s hard to even define what a date is these days! Tinder has definitely made things very complicated (but don’t rule it out that’s for sure… some things are better left unsaid) Dating it’s a funny old thing, what counts as dating? Is a hook up a date? Is a takeaway at home? What is a date!? I’m a twenty year old girl… I’ve been on a fair few dates, some went horribly badl where we both wanted to quickly leave and not drink the obligatory drinks, others were ok (basically nothing to write home about).. some were super one sided where they wanted marriage and babies and I did not. In my experience you find people at the weirdest of times and through the strangest of circumstance. I’m forever grateful for times like these. Oh wouldn’t life be cute if dates were as bloody cute and sickly as they are in the movies maybe? I for one am not a huge date night girl. Yes I don’t mind the occasional one, but my idea of a perfect night is sat on the sofa, watching some cringey but absolute classic with wine whilst cuddling. I am not a fan of public affection, a quick parting kiss- that I can handle, hand holding- I can handle but some people just take things too far. Get a room, pronto. If you were hoping for a dating advice post I’m not the woman for you, I’m just a twenty year old who has a collection of pj’s that ooze sex appeal (i.jest) and hair that as soon as it hits a pillow I resemble a wild animal. I’m just as happy with a ready meal as I am with a fancy pancy restaurant. Both are good, I’m just not that fussed. So the point of this post was basically to say that dating has changed an awful lot and now a lot of us find love in untraditional ways…

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Love C xo


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