Come on in to my new cosy Uni room: university house room tour

Hello my little spiderlings, I have been incredibly busy carrying tens of boxes, suitcases and bags from my old halls to my new house and from the car to my new place! It’s been quite exhausting at times! BUT I am pleased to report that I have fully moved in and set up my new house! The only slight problem is that there is no internet but I have a ridiculously large amount of data on my phone per month so it shouldn’t be too bad? Also Will has internet so it’s not too awful at the moment! So yes I’m all moved in to my ‘cosy’ room which is another word for small… But it’s cute and it’s mine so I mustn’t grumble! I promised to give you a tour and I’m a girl who keeps her promises! So let’s go!

I can now finally show you the artwork I bought for my bedroom! It was from not on the high street and it’s a city scape of Sheffield! I couldn’t give it away otherwise Will would have known! I’ve placed it on my desk as a backdrop with my fibre optic tree, incense from the Maldives and my perfume!
I had these photos from my old house! These photos were taken at all different times and places and then I simply made them black and white and stuck them to the side of my wardrobe using blutac!
This is how my room looks standing from my door! My bedding is from John Lewis!
Next up is my bunting, which I’ve had since the start of Uni! It clearly spells my name and makes that wall look slightly less bare! You can also see my Olaf chilling on my bed!
My parents got me this wicket unit from wilkinsons (how apt)! And the also got me this yellow lamp which reminds me of the Pixar lamp! I then decided to put my recycled paper mirror next to it with a coaster that I got from a friend saying ‘wine, wine, wine, all mine’
Most important part… My bed! I wrapped some fairy lights around the head board and put my wicker fairy light heart on top! Then I had an arrangement of cushions (all super cute) and my cuddly toys!
This is my windowsill! I have another small wicker white unit which houses my makeup and jewellery, I have my fibre optic snowmen, my glass jar from a friend, my tequila print from my parents and a cute wine bottle with a paper flower in cath kidston print! I have two ornament birds hanging from the window too!
Around the corner from my bed I have another wicker unit which has a box and my alarm clock on top and my guernsey calendar secured on the wall! Then on the other wall I have a few more hanging heart decorations!

Well that’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed taking a look around my new room! Until next time ❀

love C xo


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