As much as I love doing posts about rooms, outfits, destinations and general every day life sometimes I feel that this lacks meaning. What makes you stand out from the crowd so to speak? What exactly is a meaningful post. I’ve already started the ‘new series’ Thankful Thursday’ so perhaps I should have a meaningful Monday? So for my first meaningful Monday I’m having a complete writers block. That’s maybe because I’m completely starry eyes about being reunited with my man, perhaps it’s the sheer over indulgence that comes hand in hand when my parents are over visiting, or the thought of a punchy glass of red and a cuppa with my Bakewell pudding that we picked up in the Peaks? Maybe it’s the thought of adventures with Will, plans for my sweet mums birthday or maybe it’s the sheer panic of attempting to survive without a solid form of internet? Who knows. All I know is that my meaningful Mondays are off to a marvellous start! But what I do know is that company is a wonderful thing, to spend time with those who mean so much, sharing memories and making new ones. That is what this crazy adventure called life is about. It’s not meant to be straight forward, it never is and things are worth waiting and working for. That is all I can possibly muster for today.