London calling: day out in London!

We found the fat Buddah… finally!

I feel like I’ve been slacking a tiny bit with blogging but that’s because we are still waiting for BT to send our router so we can finally have wifi! It’s a slow arduous process I’m afraid to say! Anyway on Saturday we decided to hop on a bus and a train and head to London for the day! It was such a nice sunny day, really warm and pleasant which was a massive perk! In my opinion there is nothing worse then walking around London in the rain! We are both a tad geeky… so a museum was most definitely on the agenda and we opted for the British History Museum which was massive and very cool! In fact I’ve been told by Will that 95% of things are not actually on display and you could spend days walking around and exploring. It’s huge and you could easily get lost! We just wandered around and saw the ‘headline acts’ which included Ancient Egyptian Mummies and The Rosetta Stone. It was really enjoyable but also a tad overwhelming as the Egypt area in the Museum was swarming with tourists and trips! We started off in the South Asia section! Where we eventually found the fat Buddah!1794777_10206566272583189_6115840558814438712_n 11705180_10206566272743193_7066908166793367457_n 11062064_10206566272343183_5038292067128037872_n 11222789_10206566272023175_3715929973455565721_n After exploring Asia for a while we headed to Ancient Egypt to find the mummies! There was quite an impressive amount! The detailing on their coffins is insane and so detailed and beautiful! It seemed like everyone had the same idea as us, as every display cabinet was surrounded by people!




Such incredible intricate detailing went into every coffin!


This is how they would have to decorate and paint the coffins which must have taken them an age to do! A lot of respect goes out to them!

After exploring Ancient Egypt we headed for Rome and stumbled across some rather magnificent sights! It seems almost sad that such large chunks have been chopped off and shipped to England and the Greeks clearly want them back! What was a reoccuring theme in this section was there was an awful lot of torso’s with no heads! The heads all seem to still reside in Greece!

I didn’t take many pictures but this was without doubt one of the largest exhibits! It’s incredible how they even managed to transport it here!


When Will met his hero Grand Maester Pycelle from Game of Thrones… I jest!

We then stumbled across Japan by accident and there was really only one piece that caught my attention!

11738129_10206566269503112_6098510058148160101_nNext up was Africa! I love African things, absolutely love them! They use a lot of wood, colour and pattern which is right up my street!

Will posing with a cool looking statue which immediately grabbed my eye and made me reach for my phone!
A scary looking mask contraption which at the same time is pretty darn cool!
This bad boy was called the ‘Tree of Life’ which was very ironic as it was made from weapons such as guns… and guns and life are not often associated together… This was right up my street however!
Some other creations made from guns!

We then stopped off at Prett and got a toastie and then found a pub near by the Museum which was ironically called the Museum Tavern! Where we got a drink and watched the world go by.

The Museum Tavern!

We Β then hopped back onto the tube to Knightsbridge where we watched a man outside of Harrods eat a metre long balloon, before we got insanely lost wondering around the world famous department store! It was fun! We spent a while in the alcohol section… let’s face it a huge percentage of our relationship involves alcohol.. SorryNotSorry! We then laughed at the ridiculous prices people would pay for their cat and dogs, looked at kitchen that are literally to die for, spent a while just wandering around the toy section where we found a huge sculpture of Harrods made from lego!

10404415_10206566265623015_6017232946416139143_n10426579_10206566265983024_3813165652731698449_nIt was very impressive! We carried on wandering for a little while before we hopped on a tube to take us to Leicester Square where we opted to stop at Bella Italia’s for a bowl of yummy carbs and a bottle of red before we hopped back on the tube to Paddington to head back to Reading! It was such a lovely day, I would highly recommend the British History Museum and a wander around Harrods! We plan to come back and explore the Dungeons and see the famous blue door from Notting Hill! I hope you enjoyed taking a look at what we got up to this weekend!

Until next time,

Love C xo



4 thoughts on “London calling: day out in London!

  1. wanderlustingwithher August 14, 2015 / 9:44 am

    Your section where you went to Knightsbridge made me giggle haha πŸ™‚ also thumbs up about both of you loving alcohol! You seem like the type of people I’d get on with haha


  2. Charlotte Wilkinson August 14, 2015 / 9:53 am

    Haha, alcohol is a HUGE part of our relationship… I’m pretty sure both of us (with our chosen) careers could end up as borderline alcoholics… but hey you only live once and red wine in particular is our daily bottle of choice πŸ˜‰ Yeah I’ve been reading your posts and it sounds like you do similar things to what me and Will do haha!


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