Fun and frolics Friday: images I find myself sending on messenger apps!

Thank God it’s Friday!

That statement isn’t exactly applicable to me because I am a student but to the rest of the working world, Friday is a big deal! We have a fun filled weekend ahead of us! I’m a bit of a nerd and some things just happen to amuse me such as the following picture…


What exactly isn’t funny about our adorable feline friends I ask you?

1. ‘You Lucky, lucky bastard!  A very famous line from the film of Life of Brian! Will introduced me to it and no whenever it’s apt I normally send him that meme because it not only amuses me but also amuses him!

d7dfe614383509199e42f05d43e97693e801b494f4a43d3525375d49123675712. ‘Bruv dat is Sikh’ This quote first originated when I was doing a piece of coursework about how Sikhism and the legal profession contradict and undermine each other which involved a lot of research into the use of religious garments in detention centres and whether a kirpan could be worn as a sacred item instead of a dangerous weapon and this meme was extremely apt at the time because it was tedious!11755249_10206595280868378_3275488631810962604_n

3. ‘As cool as a cucumber’ I most probably overuse this phrase but it’s pretty chilled, simple and effective and I like to tell people I’m as cool as a cucumber instead of just replying with the typical ‘cool’

5efe3bcc86e7dec422c0fe153a6ac45b4. ‘Just roll with it’ this is my way of life, going with the flow/rolling with it! It’s simple effective and states the obvious! Which in my opinion is a good thing!


5. ‘Big summer blow out’ this quote literally got me through my summer law exams! It’s stating the bloody obvious, it’s from a Disney movie, it’s well known and it makes me laugh!


These are just a few of my favourite photos on the big old interweb! I love stuff like this… there’s plenty more but these are definitely my favourites of the moment! This week has flown by! Where has it gone seriously? Anyway super quick post but it amused me…

Love C xo


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